Iraq Foreign Relations member: Why does Iraq still suffer from Ch VII after solving Iraqi Airways and good relations with Kuwait?

Why after deducting file Airways; Iraq still suffers from “VII” and Kuwait in the test of “good intentions”

After resolving file Iraqi Airways awaits Iraq step goodwill from neighboring small to contribute to take it out of Chapter VII Congress aims the ball in the court of the Iraqi diplomatic the Mahjiha responsible for this slowdown in resolving the issue.

A member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sami al-Askari said Iraq has all its obligations with regard to Chapter VII and the subject is linked to the Kuwaiti government’s decision to declare it to the UN Security Council.

He military said in a statement with the newspaper “public opinion” that the remaining issues with Kuwait are resolved bilaterally with respect Archive and prisoners but we feel rigid and intransigent by the Kuwaiti side in resolving this issue despite the sweet talk and promises launched by the Kuwaiti side in the meetings of the National Assembly recent.

According to a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, he did not initiate the Security Council resolving this issue will remain Iraq under Chapter VII.

Adding that the international logic does not apply and is not commensurate with what is being said about dropping the sanctions imposed on Iraq as soon as the demise of the former regime.

For his part, MP for the rule of law on Alfalh “The Iraqi government is working hard to remove Iraq from Chapter VII through the completion of several understandings with the brothers in Kuwait”

And pointed Alfalh in a statement with the newspaper “public opinion” that the best proof of this is the “visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Russia, which could contribute to the support of Iraq to lift it from Chapter VII as a permanent member.”

The MP for the rule of law that the issue is very complex and not accompanied by shortening certain destination because of what happened from crimes during the former regime will not solve between overnight, not only subject on the intentions of Iraq only, but depends on the need to convince the brothers in Kuwait and the five permanent members of the UN Security to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

MP for the Liberal bloc Jawad al-Hasnawi Iraqi government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for the delay in the issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said: “I do not think that delay the process to remove Iraq from Chapter VII in the interest of the country, and this is the result of weakness in the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the end the files with neighboring Kuwait.” Hasnawi added: “They used to say that the problem with Kuwait is Kuwait Airways compensation, the issue was resolved after the vote in the House of Representatives to grant Kuwait $ 300 million.”

For its part, MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif, Kuwait to make a compromise on the Security Council resolution 833, and remove Iraq from Chapter VII as if she wanted to demonstrate its seriousness in resolving the outstanding issues between the two countries.

The told him the Information Office of the coalition in Iraq free it “to demonstrate Kuwait seriousness and sincerity of its desire to finish the outstanding issues between the two countries, they have to resort to a fair settlement on Security Council resolution 833 regarding the demarcation of the border between the two countries, and remove Iraq from Chapter VII to obviate the need to subjugate the UN mandate after the fall of the former regime. “

Nassif considered that “otherwise would not be talks between the committees formed between the two countries fruitful in any of the areas, and will remain outstanding issues between the two countries present in the minds of generations of Iraq, and will not elevate relations between the two countries to the required level diplomatically, politically and economically.”

She Nassif that “it is unfortunate if we reviewed all the talks and mutual visits between the two sides and all activities of the committees Iraqi-Kuwaiti find that Kuwait seeks only for their benefit at the expense of Iraq, also no.