Funds saved through Kuwait compensation needed for reconstruction of infrastructure

BAGHDAD – morning confirmed member of the Finance Committee MP Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, said Iraq needs millions of trillions of re infrastructure, noting that reducing the rate of compensation Kuwait (5 percent to 3 percent) will contribute to building Iraqi infrastructure.

Mutlaq said: The decision of the United Nations to reduce rate compensation of Kuwait by Iraq of (5 percent to 3 percent) will contribute a portion of the building infrastructure in Iraq, praising the good relations between Iraq and Kuwait, which will usher in the end of all remnants of the former regime. demanded the federal government and the Ministry of Finance need to exploit amounts discounted from compensation by Kuwait (2 percent) in the reconstruction of infrastructure semi bad.

was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis, during an interview (morning) that Iraq obtained from the United Nations a green light to reduce the rates of reimbursement compensation of Kuwait.