Resorting to the budget law when not to adopt complementary

Baghdad Tariq al-Araji said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that a failure to approve the supplementary budget leads to the resort on the government to use Article 23 of the Budget Law to overcome this way.

said Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in a statement singled out «morning»: The Council of Ministers will have to recourse to Article 23 of the Budget Law, which provides for use of government surplus of oil imports for the conduct of state matters as stating how to distribute surplus and doors specified how much will cover the needs of the state, noting that the Council of Ministers at its recent request from the Ministry of Finance indicate the size of the surplus of oil, indicating that the budget law emphasizes that in the event of a failure to approve the supplementary budget by the House of Representatives and the month after which the government has the right to resort to Article 23 of the Budget Law, and that this will affect the size of the amounts that were due to be distributed among the citizens of surplus oil imports specified by 25 percent according to the General Budget Law.

between the subject of the distribution ratio of the surplus between citizens requires economic study fixed, especially that every day is witnessing launch a call for the inclusion of a new category of society certain amounts كشريحة students and other slides, adding that this matter well but it requires a feasibility study commensurate with the capabilities of the country.

pointed Keywords to that in the case were collected social support programs and social welfare implemented in the country, such as social protection network and the ration card and is dedicated to the martyrs’ families and the families of prisoners and those affected by the military operations and terrorist affected by the former regime and those affected by the suit property and care of orphans and widows and other’ll see that the size of the amounts of such programs is very significant, as cautioned that these groups deserve this compensation being subjected to great injustice by the dictatorial regime, but he drew attention to the need for a balance between filling the requirements of these things and development requirements in the country, noting that support individual materially Sidah bear the costs of another because of a lack of services such as electricity and others.

felt that if the application distribution ratio of surplus oil imports should focus on the poor and affected and fragile, noting that the government and the House of Representatives launch between now and then strategies and plans based on scientific grounds go in the end in vain is the implementation to start calls other than based on this study to include a certain segment additional funds, noting that Iraq fired strategy of poverty alleviation which strategy task based on studies and surveys, data and should be focused on in this stage as well as a focus on programs that belong to the relevant ministries to support the poor segment in order to achieve some sort of balance and justice to the level of access for individuals and the level of services and it may be the idea of distribution for all ambitious for the future when the country becomes real surplus after covering the costs of services and projects.