Parliamentary Finance: initiation delete zeroes in July 2013

revealed the Knesset Finance Committee, Wednesday, that the beginning of the month of July of next year will be the date for the implementation of the national project to delete the zeros and replace the current Iraqi currency

A member of the Committee MP Haitham al­Jubouri told / Baghdadiya News / “The Finance Committee voiced no objection from the project being will support the national economy by reducing the demand for hard currency and facilitate a lot of business transactions and accounting,” adding that “the Central Bank completed all preparations for that

Jubouri said “the only constraint that another implementation of the project is the reluctance of the Council of Ministers regarding the timing of implementation and delayed drafted by the Council left a lot of reservations that led to the postponement

He added that “the intersection of powers between the central bank and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers through the reservation of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which is something legitimate being run fiscal policy in Iraq.”