CBI will report to the Commission of integrity regarding corruption in the sale of foreign currency

Baghdad (newsletter) … Finance Committee member reported Deputy/National Alliance/Majida Al-Tamimi, the Committee formed to oversee the work of the Central Bank completed its final report on the sale of hard currency, noting the significant financial corruption in the Central Bank auction to sell hard currency.

She said Al-Tamimi (News Agency news) Wednesday: the Presidium of the House of representatives form two committees: one permanent and one temporary control of functioning of the Central Bank, indicating that the Committee consists of two Permanent Finance Committee, while consisting of temporary Chairmen of the Finance Committee and the representative Committee of the economy and the President of the Office of financial supervision.

She added: the temporary Committee presented its report to the Presidency of the House of representatives regarding sale of hard currency in the Central Bank auction and is in the process of reporting to the public integrity Commission to take legal proceedings concerning this, asserting that the report revealed significant financial corruption in the sale of hard currency and people involved in the cases and the names of sell the currency at the Central auction involved.

Explained: the report noted that there had been repeated names are dealing with Central Bank daily auction meaning a monopoly to sell the dollar at auction and this will lead to the destruction of the national economy, it may not legally be dealt with decisively in the coming days.

She: that every financial institution gets in corruption but the Central Bank showed that the corruption is too large, especially when changing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar with a period or a colon (any point means the dinar) this when combined become significant sums were lost to the country every day and there are people who have benefited greatly from this mtnfzein the change in the exchange rate.

Reported: that the Standing Committee formed to monitor the functioning of the Central Bank of its pros and cons will hand its report within the next two weeks to the chairmanship of the House to see his work.