Obama: I may have been born in “Morocco”

Obama: I may have been born in “Morocco”


Palm – President “Barack Obama” that in fact, born in Morocco, according to the U.S. transferred website today.

Obama was quoted as saying jokingly during a media statement: It (Morocco) there in the middle of the road between Kenya and the United States, Obama said his mocking framework compatibility between the two parties was going to admit that I might be born in Morocco.

The president said he had not seen American date of birth certificate does not remember the date of his birth, and wondered at the irony, “so who knows?” I may have born in Morocco but Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann responded to Obama, saying: “Morocco? OK, but you are still not U.S..

Obama’s comments came in a debate with Republicans on extending tax cuts for the rich in the country and reduce the estate tax in order to ensure that no exposed millions of Americans unemployed starve in the next few months.

He had been overshadowed by the controversy over the birthplace of President since his election at the head of the United States of America two years ago.
Source: nakhelnews