Trade Bank of Iraq to invest his money in aviation

Member of the Finance Committee: orientation of the Trade Bank of Iraq to invest his money in aviation Saeb earnings and will bring him many

Date: 10/08/2012 11:29:11 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Praised member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Auzmn Bayati, orientation Bank Iraqi Trade to invest money in the purchase of two and leased to Iraqi Airways as will his big profits.
Bayati said (of the Agency news) on Monday: The manner in which the Bank Iraqi Trade TPI invested his money in aviation is right step towards improved the bank’s capital, because he is unable to invest his money in the investment projects by giving financial loans due to lagging the banking sector and the continuation of his systems of old. added: that the banking sector needs to be legislation Legal sober organize work and help them to keep pace with progress in the banking world through the introduction of systems and electronic devices in modern work Iraqi banks to contribute to the development of the country’s economy by supporting investment projects with loans of Finance. pointed to: that Bank of Iraqi Trade felt that there is no room to invest his money in the granting of loans for projects Valtjo about buying planes and leased to Iraqi Airways to serve the citizens first and enhance the number of aircraft in the company as well as to increase the bank’s capital. mentioned that Bank Iraqi Trade announced the purchase of two of $ (86) million dollars and will be contracted with Iraqi Airways to rent planes to the company holding long-term. / end / 8. n. p /
Source: ikhnews