Economist calls for Iraq to adopt Egyptian budget system

BAGHDAD / With: called Mustansiriya University economics professor Abdel Rahman al-Mashhadani, Saturday, to the adoption of the Egyptian regime in preparing the budget, criticizing at the same time not to involve stakeholders economic research centers to prepare the budget.

Mashhadani said to the reporter and news agency the future, that: “In every year organizes research centers of economic various seminars on the budget and the those centers invite several members of the House of Representatives and a number of officials in the Ministry of Finance, in order to inform them of the most important developments and economic reality service in the country”, and between that “the general budget where problematic many of them the numbers and the Ministry of Finance of the budget to lift them to the Council of Ministers and then lifting it to the House of Representatives, and this without informing specialists in economic affairs of academics and experts on the budget to express their opinions and install remarks value on those budget.”

Stressing that: “for the centers and institutes economic important role and active in the initial setup process of the budget, and the dimensions of the voting process by within the parliament on the basis of trade-offs political”, and called for the “adoption of the Egyptian experience in the preparation of the budget, and that is one of the leading experiences which rely balancing system goals, any other than Iraq’s budget, which is one of the system budgets approved in the eighties of the last century, that is, the Ministry of Finance launches instruct the rest of the ministries that require public service before the middle of each year to determine their needs for the next year, and reach those requests to the concerned ministry and unite then lifted to the Ministry of Finance, and the old style of budgeting. “

He continued: “While the budget Egyptian they work to identify specific targets and to realize, for example, the goal is to eradicate poverty or goal to improve the educational reality or objective promoting national industry, as well as some sub-goals for each ministry, and this pattern of budgets can the government be held accountable ministries at each end of each year on the achievements of those ministries of these goals and be held accountable, because on the basis of these objectives has financial allocations.