Expert: postponing tariff law only serves neighboring countries

BAGHDAD – morning accused of economic expert on behalf of Jamil, neighboring countries by pressing the government to wait tariff law, explaining that the postponement of the law will hurt the national economy.

Jameel said: that the tariff law has been postponed three times since the legislation (2010), which impact negatively on the national economy through depletion of hard currency for importing inferior materials and goods to the country, in addition to the deterioration of the productive sectors.

added: that the consent of the House of Representatives on the government’s request to wait Law tariffs, the decision does not hurt the interests of the national economy, he said, adding that reasoning about the rising prices of goods and materials when applying the law as justification “flimsy” because the fees that will be imposed on non-productive materials in Iraq, much less for manufactured goods locally and luxuries and (5 percent).

pointed out: that neighboring countries have a significant role in the postponement of tariff law to three times through pressure on the government and some members of the House of Representatives for their economic interests because they are beneficiaries of the economic situation Current poor export Daathm of Iraq.