Iraq warns of regional war burn “everything and everybody”

Iraq warns of regional war burn “everything and everybody”

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 02, 1 / 2012 10:48

Twilight News / warned the Iraqi List, Tuesday, from a possible outbreak of a regional war between the two axes in the region burn “everything and everybody,” pointing out that the first axis is supported by America and other Western countries while the other axis supports Russia and China.

The adviser said the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour said in a statement reported for ” Twilight News “that” territorial zone close to a catastrophic war show features since now, has burned everything and everybody and destroy what I got countries in the region from development if it does not override the voice of reason and being a regional dialogue rearrange papers region and works to comfort her. ”

He explained that “any collision will take place in the region سيبيد committee its progress and wealth and achievements, and that the region’s countries to distance itself from this international conflict, which wants to make the area a war zone and being announced and fuel it.”

He pointed out that “the region became divided into two axes, one supported by the United States and the West and the second supported by Russia and China and المحوران practiced policy of arm-twisting and heating theater of war in our region.”

He added adviser Iraq that “the region is witnessing military exercises and mobilizing weapons and recruit forces illegal and political conflicts and industry agendas sectarian and ethnic prelude to ignite war where and attract parties on those foundations sectarian and ethnic and not only solution that recognizes the rulers in the region said the dialogue between them and the only way to turn off the fire of war before they occur. ”

Ashour between that “the major powers seeking to this war in order to jeopardize the wealth of the region in the future to big corporations and controlled and absorb what his committee of funds and destroy what built achievements and major powers would be the winner in any case.”

He called Ashour “the Iraqi government to play the role of rounding instead of falling in the midst of conflict because Square Iraq will be the candidate’s elder such a conflict and Iraq will be the biggest losers because it will taste the scourge of new wars which had not recovered from past wars, and to Iraq to distance himself from the conflict would not be acquitted or its fuel. ”

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned, earlier, that provide both sides of the crisis in Syria with weapons will lead to a regional war to “prosecution”, he stressed that Iraq rejects foreign military intervention in Syrian affairs, with the exception of the national dialogue is safest option to solve the Syrian crisis .

The Syria has seen since the beginning of last year, a popular uprising calling for an end to the rule of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and turned the uprising to an armed conflict with government forces killed thousands, according to human rights organizations and humanitarian groups.

The Iraqi authorities have taken extensive security measures along the border with Syria and announced its inability to receive Syrian refugees, but they have fallen and announced its willingness to accept refugees.

And co-Iraq border with Syria extends for about 600 km, which is bordering the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh from the Iraqi side.

Observers warn of conditions in the region of the Syrian crisis began to evolve and take grants sectarian and doctrinal may include the region in general and Syria’s neighbors in particular, and those countries of Iraq, which witnessing religious Tadidh and sectarian and nationalist.
Source: shafaaq