Khuzaie looking with Ki-moon ways to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Search Vice President Dr. Khudair Khuzaie with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon in New York ways to get Iraq out of Chapter VII.

According to a presidential statement received «morning» a copy of it yesterday, that Khuzaie, along with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations discussed with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, yesterday, Iraq’s international obligations towards the Security Council resolutions.

The student Khuzaie assisted by the Secretariat for the exit of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII, and the keenness of Iraq and Kuwait to address the remaining issues through dialogue and constructive cooperation. Statement quoted Khuzaie saying that «Iraq is very excited to resolve all outstanding issues between us and the neighbor Kuwait» added »We have what we Introducing to resolve these issues and we hope to return from the Kuwaiti side that offers more cooperation to end this file completely. said Khuzai that efforts to resolve these issues so far stalled despite all mutual visits between the two countries, calling on the secretary-general to exert more effort to resolve these issues .

As the price of Khuzaie positive role of the secretary-general support for Iraq on all levels. For his part, Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon expressed thanks and high appreciation of the Iraqi government and stressed »We will do our best to help Iraq out of Chapter VII as soon as possible. Welcomed the Secretary year to help Iraq refugees Syrians and open borders in front of them, also praised the efforts and patience of the Iraqi government in dealing with the Ashraf residents and the process of transporting the organization to Camp Liberty. Elsewhere met Vice President Dr. Khudair Khuzaie Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati in New York on the sidelines of the session 67 for Society General.

He Khuzaie during the meeting, according to the presidential statement, the importance of bilateral cooperation between the two countries to resolve outstanding issues, especially to solve the problems travelers Iraqis to Lebanese territory and the formation of joint committees to resolve these issues, stressing the need for unity in Arab attitudes toward sensitive issues because of its serious implications for the region. For his part, Mikati expressed his country’s desire to expand trade and economic relations between the two countries, especially in the field of oil and investment.

On the other hand research vice president Dr. Khudair Khuzaie with Ms. Leila Zerrougui, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations High Commissioner for children and armed conflict humanitarian situation on the national and international levels. Praised Khuzaie humanitarian situation in the country, saying that «the humanitarian situation in Iraq has improved significantly compared to previous years» , calling on the international institutions to «pay more attention to the victims of terrorism of children, also provided Khuzaie formal invitation to Ms. Zerrougui to visit Iraq for the humanitarian situation in the country.

Khuzaie stressed the need to analyze the International Organization accuracy and objectivity in reporting by verifying the accuracy of the information contained by the competent authorities in the country Kozara Justice and Human Rights to find out what is really going on and deliver the true picture of Iraq to the world.