Awadi: National Alliance gather to vote in the affirmative on the payment on credit law after making several amendments

MP for the coalition of state law, Ihsan al-Awadi, a consensus within the National Alliance to vote on the payment on credit law, noting that he “was added several amendments to the draft law, and it is hoped vote next week.

He said al-Awadi in a press conference held at Parliament House today that “there is sophisticated pointing and remarkable about law payment on credit terms taken proposals most of the political blocs and the specialized committees for that and added some essential points to the draft law presented for voting and these points bind Cabinet contracted with consulting firms specialized global in the field of reconstruction to assess the bidding companies and contracted according to this law, as well as to provide advice and counseling to the Council of Ministers to take the decision to assign the projects. ”

“We also commit the government of not providing sovereign guarantees regarding oil and gas, and not subject to the wealth of the oil of the Iraqi people in the future and this is a very important point.”

Awadi said “after agreement on a lot of other points including them in the bill unanimously forces of the National Alliance to vote affirmatively to this law, but some political blocs did not understand the idea of amendments that did not enter into the Hall of the House of Representatives to Achieve a quorum. “

He said he “will be talks with all political Blocs that had reservations on the law to clarify the evolution that took place and the amendments included in the draft law to ensure the vote on this law, and I think that goes in the record straight and professionalism will be voting on the law next week. “

And cause a bill payment on credit across the House of Representatives its usual, which was scheduled for Monday to Tuesday next week for a lack of quorum to be held because of the inclusion of the law in the agenda of the meeting for a vote that has raised objection Kurdistan Alliance bloc and the Iraqi List and not to enter into the Hall Parliament, which inhibits the quorum of the meeting in protest of the non-inclusion of observations of the two Blocs on the bill.

A parliamentary source has revealed today directed senior leader of the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday to Kurdistan to meet the region’s president, Massoud Barzani, on the agreement on payment on credit law.

The MP of the homeland of Kurdistan Kurdistan Vian intruder has confirmed that the coalition of state law and agreed to the terms of Kurdistan on the law of payment on credit.

Mention that it was agreed between the State of Law coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance that does not pass the payment on credit law, which was scheduled to vote in the parliamentary session today, but after the agreement with Barzani on the draft law.