Monica Lewinsky plans to publish details of their relationship to “Bill Clinton” as revenge?!

Monica Lewinsky plans to publish details of their relationship to “Bill Clinton” as revenge?!


Palm – in an attempt by Monica Lewinsky, Self famous scandal with former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, to avenge him, announced its intention to publish some details of their relationship with him.

She said, “gate-Ahram” Egyptian Monica will publish some secrets about women’s relationships Clinton, multiple detection love letters between them and him, which has not been published before.

Seeks Monica now to avenge the Clinton felt that was able to overcome the scandal and complete his life normally, while the scandal is still dogged by the so far, has been unable to get rid of them even though they on the outskirts of the forty, but they are still single without a husband because of the scandal.

As Monica announces its intention to publish these secrets, the rush of publishers to seduce her with money for the right of publication, has reached physical temptations for $ 12 million.

And Monica Lewinsky had been working American intern at the White House in the mid-nineties, and highlighted by media and politics lights when exposed his Aagansah relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, in the so-called Monica scandal.

It is noteworthy that Clinton accused former sexual relations multiple, the most important relationship with singer and former employee in the state of Arkansas and the name Jennifer Flowers, and the relationship with the employee again in the state of Arkansas named Paula Jones in a hotel room in Little Rock, has been talking with them when Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and appeared Multi Monica when he tried to Paula Jones’s lawyers to obtain evidence side emphasizes sincerity claim Muklthm.
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