Obama wants Allawi, head of the Republic instead of Jalal Talabani

Obama wants Allawi, head of the Republic instead of Jalal Talabani


Palm – published Moi Qa report entitled Iraqi Media: Obama asked Talabani to give up the presidency to Allawi’s Iraqi report included statements to the Kurdish figures appeared in the newspapers of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Kurdish Kurdistan Tribune the English language.

I would like to comment on three issues in the report is denoted below note that I do not call for a boycott or strained relations with the United States, but I call true friendship relations based on equality and mutual respect and common interests and otherwise it is not unnecessary:

1 – stated in the report: President Barack Obama’s administration had wanted to assume the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, the Presidency of the Republic to curb what officials in Washington they see as a worrying slide to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about tyranny.

This language of the Cold War where it is said a beautiful thing and on something else .. The accustomed United States and the West then defamation of national governments and leaders in Asia, Africa and Latin America and intimidation and mobilization of conspiracy them by accusing states and leaders several charges, the most common charge communism and service schemes Soviet and anti-free world (as it did with leaders Gamal Abdel Nasser and Abdel-Karim Kassem and Sukarno and Nkrumah Even Nehru) .. Changed the state of the world and became a modern fashion changed indictment today focus on democracy and freedoms and dictatorship and tyranny and terrorism .. Much of which is used in the place and this is undeniable, but still the Cold War methods used in quite a few cases also. Are charged with tyranny and meant something else.

Now Some accuse the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki tyranny .. Not loaned any amount of importance to accuse the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party Maliki tyranny personally in glass houses he should not aim people’s homes with stones; as they read the mood of the owners of the global interests as companies oil and supporters of Israel and then provide them with material for the exercise of the Cold War against adherents of the principle of service contracts in Baghdad Instead of oil companies demand granulated partnership in production; nor seconded importance to accuse the Sadrist movement because out leaders and personal revenge and irresponsible against al-Maliki as their understanding of democracy minor tainted by severe confusion.

Free space once asked several ministers from several blocks: Is the Prime Minister al-Maliki to make decisions without reference to the Council of Ministers and the ministers concerned? Respondents unanimously agreed that the decisions taken in the Council of Ministers to vote; note that the State of Law coalition has a limited number of ministers up to four of the more than thirty ministers.
in fact, there are two works Kidian installed them Iraqi coalition led by Ayad Allawi, namely:

First: deliberately not to nominate a suitable person to fill the bag and the Ministry of Defense and the mistaken coalition and nominated Mr. Khaled al-Obeidi and was approved quickly withdrew the nomination and nominated another person accused of suspicion of terrorism; Finally rejected Dr. Saadoun al-Dulaimi, although it is organizing center WIN in the coalition in Iraq despite being a candidate This Coalition for the post of Minister of Culture; Maliki Fienh and acting defense minister.

Second: A coalition Iraqi conceivable detailed agreement principled on the formation of the National Council of the Supreme policies to held by Mr. Ayad Allawi was the perception is a recipe full to put the three presidencies in the pocket of Mr. Allawi to become stronger than the Wali al-Faqih Iranian because this jurist endorse or reject the resolutions and laws of the Shura Council The Crown our leaders and فقهائنا Mr. Allawi is the one who issues the decisions directly and implementation on others.

The omission of legislation to the gravest Council in Iraq enshrined in the Constitution, a Federation Council and support lining mysterious by Mr. Massoud Barzani prescription coalition Iraqi National Council of the Supreme policies artificial and spam on the constitution indicate that the idea of establishing a National Council of the Supreme policies is the idea of an American request Vice President Mr. Joe Biden of His Excellency Mr. President Massoud Barzani asked his name (Ekhalal Hakeem to the problems of Iraq) to resolve the crisis the government who hold because of the Sadrists and the Supreme Council of the hand, and by subtle fraud in the parliamentary elections 7/3/2010 the other hand.

Perhaps he wanted Mr. Biden crowned Mr. Allawi the presidency of the National Council of the Supreme policies – he wanted to compensate for the failure of President Obama’s request to nominate Mr. Allawi for the presidency so as to reduce .. From sliding worrying for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about tyranny on fairly stated in the report in question as well as a failed plot rigging elections 07/03/2010 where did Asafhm item 76 of the Constitution to deliver prime minister Allawi because the National Alliance quickly returned to the presence Vxtzh arena b (158) votes (91) for the coalition in Iraq as well as the failure of the efforts of Mr. Vice President-sharing session between Maliki and Allawi on the basis of two years each as prime minister. On the other hand, if we assume for argument that Mr. Maliki sliding towards tyranny Does that Mr. Ayad Allawi is the right person to reduce this slip? I do not think so, but I see that it is required to perform other tasks .. So it was fraud for his coalition and aggrandizement him personally.

These Alkidan goal to show the National Alliance and particularly the coalition of state law and its leader, Prime Minister look Almstather power and show Mr. Maliki Palmstbd who seeks to dominate the security apparatus of the instrument for his personal interests and the establishment of a dictatorship and show the situation in Iraq is concerned next civil war .. All this maliciousness was intended to put pressure on the Iraqi government to prolong the survival of some U.S. forces and not quitting perhaps to benefit them in the day is similar to the plans for the day 25/2/2011 and failure.

The publication of the common was that al-Maliki with the Sadrists agreed to surrender the leadership of a number of military bands was determined to put more Americans, however, justifications for directing more pressure on the National Alliance to keep their troops in Iraq after 31/12/2011 and this rumor my estimation, is the contribution of Mr. Massoud Barzani to put pressure on al-Maliki toward keeping forces (at the behest of the Americans) because that was the rumor Hzlqa is a mercenary President Massoud.

Anyone who believes that the Americans withdrew from Iraq on its self-election promise made by President Obama himself Vtakrigat evade electoral promises something unusual in the world of politics, Republicans in Congress still blame after blame for this withdrawal and demanding the return of soldiers to Iraq, where there were twenty thousand on land neighboring Kuwait.

I seconded the importance of the U.S. administration and accusations American and British newspapers and others do not know the reality of the situation in Iraq through and I Iraqi citizen who is keen on his people and his country, who almost be a follow-up to their forms daily since more than Khmsn years .. I seconded the importance and Otabaha know what is intended for Iraq and planned.

The Paste charge tyranny Mr. Maliki has refuted U.S. experts is in free space (latest edition) as wondered: Is not Maliki accountable to Parliament? And Alice Maliki will face general elections? How is a tyrant and a dictator if?.

My answer: It’s the Cold War methods that Khbernaha well even though he forgot some of the Iraqis.
fact that President Obama’s position is the preference of Allawi, al-Maliki for prime minister. Has revealed this fact nearly two years ago, Mr. Kenneth Kaotsman senior researcher in the U.S. Congress when he said in the satellite free (program bodies of four) that I do not speak on behalf of the White House, but I know that President Obama prefers Allawi Maliki because Allawi is not a friend of Iran.
here if found to root accuse al-Maliki of despotism and my estimation, not for fear of the possibility of flare-most two million Iraqi public opinion and the fear of the possibility of pushing Iraq toward Iran heard most horrific accusations and conspiracies at least caution.

Granted subsequent facts credence to the words of Jesus Kaotsman as Maliki insisted on the independence of Iraq and extending the hand of friendship to all and do not engage in any axis; while Allawi publicly stated that he will fight Iran politically So Maliki and Allawi democratic despot mug.

What can we understand from the words of the New York Times, hurling the charge to the owners that the issuance of the death sentence against Tareq al-Hashemi exacerbate sectarian sentiments? Is this reading of the truth or is it fueling sectarianism? The newspaper was going to say that show the right and the issuance of the judicial ruling on the Khan Secretariat functional and claimed the lives of innocent people and increased the pace of terrorism should not raise any amount of sectarian sentiments if Tareq al-Hashemi not Iraqis if not intended for Iraq weakness and tear (after failing to achieve their full this task and their armies parked on Iraqi soil thanks to the awareness of the Iraqi people and their elected leaders)?.

Ataft Guardian newspaper pro-Israel Nuri al-Maliki did not release as saying in 09/10/2012 without being: log violations Maliki swells regularly but Ataft him and also said: even though it is not as much as Saddam. It is a ridiculous joke يفقها uglier only the opinion of a former employee of the Saudi media and today deputy editor who wrote the term: directly and without wrap or rotation or pun or mystification and without hesitation I say that I mean this particular government .. Government which now holds power in our capital Baghdad .. It the worst government in the history of modern Iraq (founded 1921) .. Even worse than Saddam’s regime, which we believe is the worst and most hideous and most brutal in the history of Iraq and the region but the whole world .. Of course this speech issued by Mr. Adnan Hussein Alhanq because the wind not being including Iraqi crave ships Saudi Arabia and its friends in droves.

According to Mr. Adnan Hussein that Iraqis have forgotten Saddam and his regime Tgmoa (2) .. How does not count who wrote several years ago that the Iraqis do not know where Jordan is located and where Kuwait is situated; as if to say that the Iraqis deaf, dumb and blind they do not understand .. This is the two major misery and bankruptcy.

I go back to Britain and newspapers .. Maybe start positions British calculations of stopping the Cold War and thus the emergence of an opportunity for it to return to the Middle East after Aankrth America to their advantage after the overthrow of Mossadeq government then failed tripartite aggression against Egypt after the nationalization of the Suez Canal Company in 1956 and then plot the coup February 8, 1963 Tgmoa black and Help Sadat blur national Abdel Nasser’s legacy incarcerated Tgmoi Iraq in the first Gulf war (against Iran) and the second (the occupation of Kuwait) and then the occupation of Afghanistan and finally the occupation of Iraq .. So participated Britain United States in the invasion of Iraq for their purposes for the resulting liberation from fascists Tgmoyen hoping to regain a foothold in Iraq based on its customers traditional who founded them system enjoyed a long and exchanged benefits with they Tgmoaon Bonoallm three: monarchists and nationalists and Baathists.

This may explain in addition to Israel’s desire to see the government in Baghdad hostile to Iran and go to war with them without justification and supports military intervention in Syria urgency some Kalgardian newspapers harassed in Iraq and Maliki described dictator Palmstbd.
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