Talabani expresses its satisfaction at the touch of keen interest to the political parties to find solutions

Talabani expresses its satisfaction at the touch of keen interest to the political parties to find solutions to outstanding problems

Thursday, September 27 / September 2012 18:42

[Baghdad – where]

Expressed by President Jalal Talabani satisfaction with the touch of keen interest to all political parties to reach a comprehensive solution to all outstanding issues and problems.

And the transfer of a presidential statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today confirmed Talabani during a meeting with a delegation from the Islamic Party included Mohsen Abdul Hamid Shura Council Chairman of the Central Party and Iyad al-Samarrai secretary-general of the Islamic Party of Iraq and a large number of deputies and members of the political bureau of the party, “his quest for continue to work and efforts to bring the views and promoting the political process. ”

He stressed “the importance of creating a breeding ground and atmosphere appropriate health available with the right climate to go to dialogues serious,” noting that “all of this is available and is based on solid ground when there are mutual trust offered candor and disclosure of goals and listen to the voice of the other, needs and above all this feeling Higher responsibility towards the serious challenges facing the political process and the country, which Iraqis hoped forces Almtakbh “.

For his part, Samarrai stressed “the importance of the pivotal role played by President Talabani and his wise leadership, especially in this embarrassing circumstance where everyone looks forward to these efforts expected from Talabani.”

He referred to “readiness personally and ready Islamic Party to make every support and backing for the success of these efforts and strengthen the efforts exerted by President to pass this stage and move on to a new phase that will gather all parties on a national project being agreed upon by reviving political dialogues constructive.”

During the meeting, discuss the current landscape of the Iraqi political situation and ways of overcoming the obstacles and remove obstacles facing the political and administrative process and ensure the provision of essential services and basic for the people and resolving controversies and differences, according to the statement. Ended
Source: alliraqnews