Jaafari: the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII is unjustified

Baghdad (news) .. The head of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari, the Reform Commission in connection with the application of practical steps for its vocabulary with all political entities, expressing keenness everyone to proceed in this way.

statement said Jafari received Agency (news) copy of it on Thursday : that the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII injustice, nor legal basis for him, stressing that Iraq has provided during the past ten years more than proof that all justifications Chapter VII Mentfah.   added: that Iraq fulfilled all its obligations, and made concessions redundant originally all justifications, noting that this subject points subscription for each political parties, has inflicted humans Iraqi economy, security and services, sovereignty and dignity severe damage.   stressed: that Iraq will invest every occasion and in every State to put Iraq’s request to get out of Chapter VII.