Intense U.S. intelligence activity in North Africa

Intense U.S. intelligence activity in North Africa


Palm – Official sources have confirmed that there is significant activity for the CIA in the North African region; to monitor the movements of armed militant groups and cells linked to al Qaeda.

Those sources did not rule in their statements to the Agency “Aki” Italian be followed by the implementation of selective military strike points are not subject to real national sovereignty in that region.

According to these sources, we may use Air Air Base on the island of Sicily in the planning and support of American power, but without the participation of NATO and Italy.

It is important to note that due to hosts Tunisia, on Wednesday, the Conference Fifteenth Arab officials about the fight against terrorism.

A statement from the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers Conference will witness the presence of representatives of various Arab countries, as well as representatives from the League of Arab States and the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.
Source: nakhelnews