Budget year 2013 must be new and not reproduced for the previous budgets

Called a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Magda Tamimi, the federal government and the House of Representatives, to the adoption of new plans to approve the budget and make it different from previous budgets.

said Tamimi in a press statement on Tuesday: All plans of the previous budgets were similar did not rely on census or measure the needs of the country for projects service, calling the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Finance to the need to develop the budget 2013 with a new completely different from previous years.

said: that all the previous budgets, given the operating budget larger size of the investment budget without having to correct data, indicating that most the operating budget of the previous years bellowed to Ivadat officials and ministers and automotive training courses in Europe. confirmed Tamimi: Customize 31% of the investment budget, but did not take advantage of any service project of the country, and all amounts swallowed because of rampant corruption in government departments.

continued: that the Finance Committee and in coordination with the Integrity Committee will be held accountable every Shortened the spoilers will not cover, and will investigative committees in each ministry to take procedures for the occurrence of any defect in the implementation of service projects and approaching the Commission to do so.