We have programs and future plans to increase the per capita income

Said a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Najiba Najib, said “the Commission programs and future plans to increase financial income of the Iraqi people.

She Najib told all of Iraq [where] today, that “inflation is increasing year after year, so the government salaries to employees or workers in the public sector do not meet their needs are great,” pointing out that “there should be plans and programs of the State for the purpose of improving living situation of the Iraqi people. “

She explained that the “ladder new salary until now under study and, if approved by Parliament will ensure incomes good of the Iraqi family, and also for the social welfare network is available with the Commission a plan for the distribution of abundance for them, and work to increase financial allocations they receive.”

Najib showed that “the proportion of the 25 percent of Iraq’s oil revenues, if approved distribution, will ensure good access to the Iraqi people,” noting that “the Commission is optimistic the adoption of the bill by members of Parliament.”

She noted that “there is another approach which is income-generating loans, which has been initiated during the past year, as well as the [100] salary, and interest-free loans,” asserting that “all those ports will contribute to the increase of the per capita income of Iraq.”

Observers believe the economic Shan that Iraq suffers from inflation as a result of the excessive rise in the general level of prices, and rising incomes cash, as well as high costs, excessive creation of cash balances.