Iraqi parliament to vote on a bill infrastructure at tomorrow’s meeting

Arbil September 24 (AKnews) – A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Monday, said the council will vote during its 24, which will be held on Tuesday, on a set of draft laws, will also be read for a number of other bills, indicating that the bill infrastructure exciting controversial one of the projects, which will vote by the House of Representatives tomorrow.

According to the law of infrastructure, will be assigned to a number of foreign companies implementing special projects infrastructure in Iraq, at a cost of $ 37 billion, payment method on credit, and find the project a rejection of the Iraqi List, as decided Kurdistan Alliance to form a committee to discuss it, while supported coalition of state law approved on the bill.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Said Messenger Khoshnaw, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that “the House of Representatives will begin its day Tuesday, to vote on the bill infrastructure, and then vote on the bill quarantine (agricultural) and electronic signatures and electronic transactions.”

He Khoshnaw that “the meeting will first reading to approve four agreements Mtnohh, between Iraqi and U.S. governments in several areas.” Noting that he “will also second reading of the draft law the Federal Council, along with discussion of the proposed Second Amendment to the law of the provinces outside the regions.”