How coincided Washington and Tehran on Maliki and why Obama tried to replace Talabani, Allawi?

“New York Times” for U.S. failure in Iraq: How coincided Washington and Tehran on Maliki and why Obama tried to replace Talabani, Allawi?

Posted 23/09/2012 07:45 PM

Washington – “arenas of Liberation”
Report reveals sexy newspaper “New York Times” yesterday story U.S. failure in Iraq from trying the Obama administration to circumvent the results of the 2010 elections, and insistence that the post of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, who do not want Tehran to other report says written by Michael Gordon.
The report begins when a new look reality in which “President Obama called on the fourth of November 2010 President Talabani asking him to relinquish his post to the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, is that Obama’s request was turned down.”

American comics depicting the moment of Obama’s approval to take over al-Maliki as prime minister

According to the report, the desire replace Talabani Allawi is based on the establishment of a balance of power to counter the propensity to monopoly power when Maliki, who want Tehran.
was U.S. intervention platform in this broth of “Obama’s desire to achieve what sought for him in his campaign: ending the Iraq war and withdraw from it and leave stable government and represented a popular, and avoid a power vacuum could be exploited by neighboring states and terrorists and to maintain influence enough to make Iraq will be a partner or, at a minimum not adversary, in the Middle East. ”
The report reveals that “through closed-circuit television in a day October 6 October 2010, and reviewed by Mr. Biden and senior U.S. officials options. preferred vice president plan that will keep Maliki as prime minister, but with keeping his main rival, Iyad Allawi, leader of the Iraqi bloc, near the top of the pyramid. suggested Biden stepping Talabani presidency to another site and said, “Let’s make it as foreign minister,” responded by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Thank you very much, Joe,” Bdjalk State Department reward satisfaction, “in reference crossed through dissatisfaction of making foreign (her) some sort of satisfaction.
The report shows that there is a proposal American to choose a replacement for the owners, but a personal Shiite Adel Abdul Mahdi, a former finance minister, “efforts were made American quiet to explore this option, but Iran stood against it, and therefore Obama decided to accept Maliki as prime minister at the time to reach an agreement would give Allawi and other members of the Iraqi bloc positions appropriate. ”
According to the report, it “in a letter to Massoud Barzani, Obama asked again to step down President Talabani for the presidency while ensuring help the United States continued for the Kurds, but Barzani rejected the proposal,” saying “he must make it clear that solving the problem between Shiites and Sunni Arabs at the expense of the Kurds. ”
The report continues narrative of what happened, “the Americans had fallback position: establishment of the Council for the strategic policy, shall Allawi claimed responsibility, but the difference Maliki and Allawi on the powers of the new council aborted the idea while locked government positions leading to Allawi’s list.” According to the report “has failed Americans to reach a ranking power-sharing as failed to keep the number of troops in Iraq to ensure stability and protect the air space “and to cover failure last found the administration to” achieve the goal of a security partnership does not depend on the size of our presence in the country, and that stability in Iraq does not depend on the presence of U.S. forces. ”
Source: altahreernews