U.S. occupation around the cities of Iraq to the hot and radioactive uranium

U.S. occupation around the cities of Iraq to the hot and radioactive uranium

Monday 24 September 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
After Seale News reports examined the results of the invasion of Iraq by the occupation forces led by the United States in 2003, it was the turn of long books and research.

The recently released book (Achilles heel Pentagon: wars without a victory) for a delightful Vlounders. At the beginning of the chapter entitled »invasion America around the cities of Iraq are hot and depleted uranium» questioned Author: Is about using the United States of depleted uranium on Iraq to the hazardous radioactive for Iraqis and occupation forces together?

The book says: The answer was a dire one, has been reported in the warm months that followed the invasion of March – 2003 that radiation levels are higher than a thousand – a thousand and 900 times the normal level of radiation.

This up paying the Dutch Parliament and the media in a timely manner to open discussions because willing thousand, one hundred Dutch troops to enter the country of Kuwait as a result of worry about the risk of radiation poisoning and radiation diseases in Iraq.

Washington has confirmed the Dutch government that it did not use depleted uranium weapons near Samawah where Dutch troops will be stationed. But Dutch journalists and anti-war forces and found shortcomings in the novel the United States, according to an article on the site of Radio Free Europe.

The Joanneum already depleted radiation causes that sparked a wave of caution in Europe after studies showed increased rates of cancer, respiratory diseases and other disabilities in the circles of NATO forces stationed in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

In general, I had the health and environmental hazards of the weapons made from radioactive waste far more attention in Europe compared to the United States. In the Iraq war, used U.S. Department of Defense radioactive arsenal mainly in urban centers, and not in the desert.

In the battlefields as happened in 1991. The hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and U.S. soldiers and British soldiers, Poles, Japanese and Dutch who were sent to join the occupation, will bear the consequences. And will appear injuries and chronic diseases and long-term disabilities and genetic birth defects after five to 10 years. Reports indicate that half of the 697 American soldiers thousand who took part in the 1991 war were seriously ill.

The impact of tons of radioactive waste that polluted the major urban centers will be a long-term problem for the Iraqis. In all parts of the world and scientific organizations linked studies between Gulf War Syndrome and the high rate of disease variety mysterious radiation poisoning of weapons made from depleted uranium.

Scott Peterson said correspondent Christian Science Monitor some Geiger counter readings at several locations in Baghdad. And close to the presidential palace, where U.S. troops stood and was more than a thousand employees walk in and out of the building, counter the hottest record read as reached a level higher than the normal rate 1900 times.

The vegetable seller was selling bunches of fresh mint, parsley, onions, outside Baghdad, and the children were playing on the burned-out Iraqi tanks, counter record rate of radiation than normal rate a thousand times to the fact that the United States used depleted uranium to destroy tanks.

And 4 August 2003, reporter Seattle Post that «the U.S. Defense Department and the United Nations estimated that the United States and Britain they used from 1100 to 2200 tons of shells piercing armor made of depleted uranium in Iraq during attacks March and April – far more than of 375 tons used in the war Gulf in 1991. And depleted uranium causes damage in the human body in the internal organs because of the chemical toxicity and heavy minerals and release radiation. Otherwise there is no point in spin-offs from the uranium enrichment process, it is attractive to military contractors because it is very cheap, and offers often free of charge by governments.

According to the Center for Medical Research uranium toxic and radiological effects of uranium contamination weakens the immune system and cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, kidney disease and digestive system.

Explains Dr. Assaf Dorokovic that initial symptoms tend to be nervous Tzaraly form of headache, dizziness, weakness, and muscle fatigue. The effects far is cancer and other diseases related to radiation, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, and muscle and joint pain, skin rashes, and neurological damage, mood disorders, infections, and kidney damage, lung, vision problems, and Qsoralamnaah self and dermatology severe. It also causes an increase abortions and maternal mortality and genetic birth defects.

For years, the U.S. government describes as Gulf War syndrome PTSD, and It’s a psychological problem and excludes them from disease and deal with it and the Ministry of Defense and the Veterans Administration in the same way of dealing with ‘Agent Orange’ which was used in Vietnam.

The U.S. government denies that depleted uranium weapons cause disease. But before the first Gulf War, which employed such weapons on a large scale, reports warned the Pentagon that internal radiation, heavy metals, depleted uranium can cause disease in kidney, lung, liver, and increased rates of cancer.

By ignoring these risks, the U.S. Department of Defense to use these weapons, which give them a significant advantage in tank battles. But denies that have to do with using depleted uranium.

While Britain recognized that the British Challenger tanks used about 1.9 tons of uranium ammunition during major combat operations in Iraq in 2003, the United States refuses to disclose specific information about whether and where uranium used during the 2003 campaign. And refuses to allow a team from the United Nations Environment to study the environmental impact of pollution from depleted uranium in Iraq.

Despite this rejection, it is known to all that the United States used widely and could fire weapons depleted uranium shells.

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