Few Americans are aware that their country is paying for the wrong policies?!!

Few Americans are aware that their country is paying for the wrong policies?!!


Palm – in an article entitled “Why do you hate America’s Arabs and Muslims?” British writer saw a specialist in Middle East affairs, Patrick Seale that the U.S. reaction after a wave of violence launched by the Muslims and Arabs against the Americans in a number of countries, as well as the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, came full Balarbak and angry and thirsty for revenge .. Marines was sent to protect U.S. embassies and seems that few Americans are aware that their country is paying for the wrong policies that have been adopted over the decades.

He always drove most Americans Palestine problem of mind and their conscience, they remained fresh in the minds of Arabs and Muslims .. Still Israel’s repression of Palestinians over 45 years old and the brutal blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the continued land seizures in the West Bank is a source of great humiliation and anger .. United States bears the main responsibility for it failed after Israel supported by all available means to persuade a fair bargain with the Palestinians, adding some have tried to breach the wall of American presidents crisis Arab – Israeli, but the internal policies adopted and the intransigence of the Israeli leaders thwarted their efforts .. Menachem Begin Islamic laws endeavors made by Jimmy Carter thwarted Yitzhak Shamir all attempts to George HW Bush.

Bill Clinton came close to a deal before leaving office, but officials loyal to Israel such as Dennis Ross undermined his efforts. She spent defeat inflicted by Benjamin Netanyahu Barack Obama on high hopes stirred by the latter, which turned into a huge disappointment and still Arab – Israeli conflict that has not been resolved cause damage severe in the United States and threatens Israel’s future in the long term can not be peace in the region unless a just solution to but, no president dared to pour American influence in this case.

Did not fail just the United States in resolving the Arab – Israeli conflict, but reinforced the dominance of Israel’s regional and should therefore be considered complicit in the attacks many strikes against neighboring countries and has its roots in this political to the great victory achieved by Israel in 1967 and which he considered U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger guard America’s regional interests and the idea Kissinger on throwing money and arms to Israel in order to weaken the Arabs and keep Russia out of the equation.

And paid his plan to fruition after the October War (October) 1973 and after that itchy conspiracy to exclude Palestinians from the solution that was agreed upon after the war and to remove Egypt from the lineup Arab military, which has helped to lay the foundations of Egyptian peace treaty – Israel concluded in 1979 and launched then Israel slogan that if the wheel has been removed, you will not be going the cart again.

Moreover, ensured the treaty Israel’s hegemony over the next three decades as well as exposing Lebanon and Syria and the Palestinians to force the Israeli authority and Israel launched an attack on Lebanon in 1982 and killed 17 thousand people and the PLO was expelled and sought to turn Lebanon into a protectorate Israeli As for Syria, responded to attacks was the assassination of the man who was supposed to become an ally of Israel .. Israeli agreement collapsed – which was concluded under the auspices of Lebanese American.

Israel captured the city of Beirut and oversaw the horrible massacre committed by Christians rightists in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, which includes 800 Palestinians and Israel continued its occupation of southern Lebanon over the past 18 next to the forced “Hezbollah” which the United States insists it be considered “terrorist party “to withdraw in 2000.

The Americans rarely stop and asked themselves about the reason for the attack, which exposed him on 11 September 2001 .. There is no doubt that the question of Palestine was the reason is that the other reason is punishment harsh downloaded the United States in Iraq through reformatted by force from Kuwait in 1991 and then by imposing harsh penalties during the past 13 following, which led to the deaths of half a million Iraqi children while Another main reason is the cruel way in which the United States has dealt with tens of thousands of Arab fighters from all over the region, noting that 25 thousand people, including descendants of Yemen, who have been recruited and armed to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

When the Russians withdrew in 1989, Washington abandoned the mujahideen were allowed a large number of “Arab Afghans” angry and hostile and Aalkassan by the battles they have fought to demobilize and lighten up in the region .. Vavcal some of them problems in their countries, while others joined the ranks of the “Al Qaeda”, led by Osama bin Laden.

And led global war on terrorism launched by George W. Bush after the events of atheist th of September to the misuse of power and U.S. instead of using the police to hunt members of the “Al Qaeda” United States fought a war in Afghanistan, where cause until today after 12 years on the eruption of casualties and Then, allow themselves Palankied behind trick Paul Wolfowitz and neoconservative others loyal to Israel aimed to invade Iraq, which he considered the neo-conservatives after the war that broke out between Iran and Iraq as a potential threat to the Frente Israel East and said that 1.4 million Iraqis killed as a result of the Iraqi occupation and destruction along with 4,500 troops U.S..

He was this unleashed the militarization of U.S. foreign policy and to launch brutal wars and land delivery that were seized and to impose torture routinely and expand rules overseas (including in some Gulf Arab states), which led to inflation military budget by up to $ 700 billion annually.

And is to this day huge mistakes instead of dialogue with Iran, as Obama promised when he came to power, waging an undeclared war on the Islamic Republic, imposing ¬ęsanctions Challa¬Ľ the attacks on the Internet to dissuade Israel apparently for dragging America into another war in the Middle East was missing an opportunity to reach a deal with Tehran to be profitable for both sides and would allow Iran to produce low-enriched uranium to generate electricity as well give up 20 percent of the uranium, because Israel insists on the need to destroy Iran’s nuclear industry completely .. Not the United States is trying to overthrow the Iranian regime, but the Syrian regime is also the focus of Tehran – Damascus – “Hezbollah” who dared to challenge the dominance of Israel.

Israel and turned the table on its strong ally .. Instead of Israel to be a guardian of America, the United States seems to be turned into a keeper of Israel, threatens Israel’s enemies and punish them and tarnish their reputations, and waging wars for them on their behalf .. It is imperative that Americans have forgotten these facts, if they already know, but it is not lost on the Arabs and Iranians.

The worst is that Obama allowed to expand attacks by U.S. aircraft drones against Islamist militants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, which leads to the fall of a large number of civilian casualties and to provoke the wrath of the local population against the United States is no wonder that is the Arabs Muslims and these attacks when they could, especially because they are directly affected by U.S. policies brutality.

Is the United States imposed security in the Middle East? Or is it imposed insecurity? Do you need the Gulf States to the U.S. Fifth Fleet and warplanes to the thousands of foot soldiers and flak jackets? Is there contributing to the United States in imposing stability or undercut? Is not it time to withdraw from the area? Should be considered reviving Islamic currents that formed a milestone in the “Arab Spring” as a rejection of Western intervention and control of the Bank and re-affirmation of Islamic identity .. It is the final stage in the long Arab struggle for independence .. The film may be the abuser of the Prophet Mohammad spark that ignited the anger of Arabs and Muslims, but he was able to ignite due to the presence of large quantities of flammable materials.
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