New flag and anthem of Iraq before the end of the year

New flag and anthem of Iraq before the end of the year

Babylonian News / Baghdad

Thursday 20/9/202

Iraq is looking to adopt the national anthem and a new flag by the end of the year, in an attempt to open a new page folds era of wars and conflicts in the country live nine years ago on the impact of political contradictions, sectarian and ethnic.

The MP says on Alfalh, Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Information in parliament told AFP: «We are determined to finish the new flag and anthem in this year, in this legislative session.

He adds that the choice of a new science anthem of Iraq «will not pass on to the year 2013 and will be working when completed the whole of Iraqis.

Iraq adopts a poem ‘my home’ by Palestinian poet Ibrahim Toukan, and composed by Lebanese musician Mohammed Fleifel, patriotic anthem, after it was during the former regime depends commend ‘Mesopotamia’ the poet Shafiq Kamali.

And Iraq has begun to change the national anthem five times since the first commend the monarchy in 1924 depends poem ‘my home’ which usually symbolize the Palestinian cause, the 2005 decision of the U.S. governor of Iraq then called Paul Bremer after he impressed during a concert.

Explains «Alfalh» that «in the last session announced a desire to a new national anthem introduced more than 400 text Iraqi poet between 2008 and 2009.

With no consensus on the poem to become the new national anthem «because of the collision snag the poet and the position of the former regime, we have decided to choose people agreed, and there are symbols in the Iraqi hair agreed.

And formed a committee of Culture and Information parliamentary 8 months ago the Commission of 6 writers Iraqis chose three texts, the first text of the poet Mohammed Mehdi Jawahiri entitled «Peace on plateaus Iraq», and the second to Badr Shaker Sayab entitled «strange Bay», and the third to Mohammad Mehdi Busairi «national right supported ».

In the midst of the discussion of the three poems, called Kurds, Turkmens and Assyrians add verses in their own language to the new anthem, has been to reach a compromise formula requires adding the words «Long live Iraq» in these languages at the end of the anthem.

The parliament prepares to complete the second reading of the law after a first reading nearly three months ago, to be voted on two weeks later and choosing musicians to put anthem appropriate for him, according to «Alfalh» who stressed that «the atmosphere tends to poem Jeweler» which begins Bait says «Peace on the hills of Iraq, and shelf Htih and curve.

He says «Alfalh»: «We have a problem in science, there are six models chosen by the previous committee after dozens of models offered, and science luckier was aware of Abdul Karim Kassem revolution».

He adds: «But this choice faced objections centered around the person of Abdul Karim Qassem, who symbolizes a certain era, and now we are in trouble because the committee formed and made payments and we are forced to take their results.

The Iraqi flag was during the rule of Saddam and the subsequent years, and particularly since 1991 and until 2008, a two parallel horizontal lines Oalihama red and black Osfielhma and a white line Ttosth phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’ three actresses.

And before that it was science since 1963, the overthrow of Abd al-Karim Qasim, is the same but without the words «Allahu Akbar».

But three stars between 1963 and 1986 was to symbolize the unity between Egypt, Syria and Iraq, before the change then implications to symbolize to the stated objectives of the Baath Party «socialist unity and freedom.

In 2008, the second paragraph of the amended law the Iraqi flag for the year 1986 to keep the colors of the flag as it is to symbolize Islamic flags, and delete the three stars, and the remaining words «Allahu Akbar» but Kufic and not Saddam’s handwriting as they were in the past.

It is noteworthy that Abd al-Karim Qasim adopted far overthrow the monarchy in 1958 a completely different note is a three parallel lines in length starting from the right in black and then White Valokhaddr, and mediates red star white line where the yellow circle.

While recalling all these colors, including red and yellow flags of the Islamic star and circle symbolize the Arabs and Kurds.

The first flag of Iraq was adopted at the beginning of the monarchy in 1925, which is a three parallel horizontal lines, green, white and black, bearing from the left trapezoid red rosette Star
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