The documents reveal plans to cut U.S. “offspring” of millions of people?!!

The documents reveal plans to cut U.S. “offspring” of millions of people?!!


Palm – The Professor of Humanities and modern languages and director of the Arab Program at the University of shedding in Boston in the United States, Syrian-born, Munir Akash, the presence of U.S. plans to sterilize millions of Americans and others in other countries third world and said that the motive to it is to maintain the purity or characterize sexual in the United States and the fight against poverty and the eradication of world population growth.

That came in his book entitled “America and الإبادات Nationality: 400 years of wars on the poor and vulnerable in the Earth” published by Riad Al Rayes of books and publishing in Beirut, according to the Reuters news agency on Wednesday.

And Akash in this book, as in his book the former “America and genocide”, who collect a lot of material and a rich and documented, but they are not organized and coordinated and Classifieds enough, it raises the reader’s attention, but drown them as they do not follow the approach structured, according to “Reuters” .

Under the title “Introduction .. sterilized 14 million U.S.” wrote Akash says, “The sterilization 14 million U.S. is the address issued by newspapers and magazines by media mogul, William Hearst, in late September / September 1915, ominous threat of U.S. war on the vulnerable in the land, and the destruction of their descendants in the womb, and warning that the ruling classes shaping the future of America and the world in blood. ”

He added that in “14 Oct / October, wrote” San Francisco Daily News “editorial entitled” Where do we start? “, And stating that” millions of Mrs. Harriman, widow contractor rail, added to millions of Rockefeller and Carnegie, will be allocated for the sterilization of hundreds of thousands of weak-minded Americans annually to eugenics. ”

The editorial stated “it is true that we do not know what to do millions of these wealthy influential for ordinary people, but we know that their money buys the governments of the United States and violate the Constitution and reserves a special weapon to kill men, women and children.”

Said Akash “I read this editorial years ago, but did not wake up in my memory only about two years ago, when I was looking for documents state that promised the U.S. government created the Indians west Mississippi, day and accidentally found a document of 107 pages and developed by Dr. Henry Kissinger in 1974 when The national security adviser. ”

“This is the document that indicated in the first line had to put it under the guidance of President Gerald Ford paint a cold-blooded plan to sterilize and head off the descendants of 13 countries in the third world, including Egypt, in a time limit not exceeding 25 years.”

He and after less than three years (in 1977), revealed Dr. Raymert Ruffinholt, Director, Office of the Federal Government to the population of the United States Agency for International Development, about the involvement of the universities of Washington and Johns Hopkins in this program, and start the federal government practical actions to launch, where spotted budget sufficient to secure conditions and means necessary to sterilize a quarter of women in the world of women who are unable to conceive (weakness in his 570 million women) and head off forever Nzlen.

The author said this Hidden Massacre to the descendants of the millions of poor and vulnerable inside and outside America is the subject of this book is not started with Kissinger, did not stop with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and perhaps reached the height Sairha today in the era of the current President Barack Obama, which in the end also will see the reader face last culture الإبادات that lived upon the idea of America derived from the historical idea of Israel: the idea of occupying the land of others and replace the people of the people and the culture and history of culture and history, according to what the writer said.
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