Iraq confirms arrest of U.S. and British involved with terrorism

Iraq confirms arrest of U.S. and British involved with terrorism


Palm – The senior agent of the Ministry of Iraqi الداخية “Adnan al-Asadi,” had been detained Americans and Britons were involved in terrorist acts in Iraq, accusing foreign security companies operating in the country as one of the most important reasons for security breaches in Iraq.

Asadi said in a statement media that security companies foreign companies operating in Iraq is one of the main reasons for security breaches so was arrested on U.S. and British implicated in terrorist operations and added that all Western countries especially the United States and Arab countries and regional has intelligence and spies in Iraq, therefore, the Interior Ministry from time to time The other arrest some of these spies who help the terrorists to carry out terrorist actions.

Terrorist group creation mode
and on the status of the group “created” terrorist in Iraq, Asadi said the terrorist group created exit from Iraq marks the end of a serious criminal file and influential on the security level in the country.

He added that we got rid of the camp, “Ashraf” fully and we took those consisting of three thousand element of their camp to Baghdad and who were plotting it on Iraq, and many of them also wanted to eliminate the Iraqi and plotting to neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran.

He continued: We will not accept to intervene any one in the affairs of neighboring countries from Iraqi territory and will not accept a terrorist organization to intervene and affect our relations with Iran or carry out sabotage whatever slim, on the Iranian side, stressing that this organization is a terrorist organization influenced the situation in Iraq previously committed crimes against the Iraqi people and the Iranian and therefore stay in the camp was a big mistake, so took the prime minister and head of the National Security Council and the Iraqi government a very tough decision to transfer all WTO members to Baghdad in the hope of being sent out of Iraq.

Security file in Iraq
and strongly rejected Asadi any American intervention in the security file or in the work of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, stressing that the U.S. security forces withdrew fully from Iraq and therefore the American influence in Iraq’s security is zero.

And about the presence of terrorist organizations in Iraq Asadi said that the Iraqi government take full all Iraqi territory and there is no in Iraq special places to al-Qaeda or any other organization Another gunman, stressing that the movement of citizens in all parts of Iraq under way and there is no any time limits for this movement, stressing that Iraqi forces fully controlled Iraqi territory and we have a very strong strike force and we can raid any armed gathering at any point from Iraq.

The situation in Syria
and on the situation in Syria and its impact on Iraq, al-Asadi said our preparations and planning to cope with any emergency situation occurring in Syria and the advent of refugees and assimilated, stressing that Iraq received so far more than 21 thousand refugees distributors in the various camps.

He added we are watching the border closely and also face gangs smuggling of weapons from Iraq to the insurgents in Syria and in this area we capture a lot of smuggling gangs, stressing that the Iraqi security forces and sometimes seized more than 1500 weapons and we control the security situation in the border areas shared with Syria.
Source: nakhelnews