Campaigns to harm the Prophet aim to justify the entry of foreign troops into the Arab countries

Reproach league: campaigns to harm the Prophet aim to justify the entry of foreign troops into the Arab countries

Thursday, September 20 / September 2012 10:18

[Baghdad – where]

Described as an MP for the Iraqi List reproach league campaign led by some Western actors against Islam as a “justification for the entry of foreign troops in some Arab countries.”

The league said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of “entry Marines to Yemen under the pretext of protecting the U.S. embassy from protesters who came out to denounce the excesses of the Holy Prophet [p], confirms beyond any doubt that this abuse contrived a process well thought out and planned in advance. ”

They noted that “some Western countries experiencing financial difficulties and are trying to invest provoke the feelings of Muslims, for the purpose of achieving their potential, and re-establish its hegemony over the Arab states for the purpose of seizing oil and other riches.”
and called for periodic all Muslims to “respond to such a schemes by adjusting self and express their disapproval and condemnation of the provocative operations to which they are exposed through peaceful demonstration for the purpose of missed opportunity on their predators evil “, at the same time denouncing” the publication of photographs depicting the French magazine depicting the Prophet Muhammad [y]. ”

The showing of the film offends the Prophet Mohammed [y] on YouTube prompting angry reaction from several Muslim countries and led to protests and targeting U.S. diplomatic missions, particularly in Benghazi, Libya, and that killed the U.S. ambassador.

Also published on Wednesday the French magazine sarcastic [Charlie Hebdo] on the cover a cartoon in which the abuse of the Prophet Mohammad [p], along with many of the graphics in the inside pages, while not subside when after protests against the film U.S. abuser of the Prophet [p].

It is said that a painter Danish called for Kurt Westergaard] had been offered in 2006 in one of the shows paintings in the Danish capital Copenhagen cartoons for someone Prophet [p] Btgsidh people calling for violence and murder, which sparked reactions popularity and international in Muslim countries develop some to attack against Danish embassies, particularly in the Muslim world. ended.
Source: alliraqnews