French newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet

French newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet


Palm – newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” French on Wednesday, cartoons of the Prophet, after a week of tension and violence that swept the Muslim world to protest the film offensive produced in the United States comes new fees after less than a year to attack the newspaper’s offices after publication on the first page caricatures of the Prophet as well.

The French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Aareault he opposes the current frame any exaggeration, citing freedom of expression within the law as stated the need for everyone to possess a sense of responsibility.

Referred to the website of the newspaper is not available since this morning, without the presence of any clarification whether a technical problem or piracy, has been tightening security protection on the satirical newspaper’s offices in Paris.

Directory called Abu Bakr, the imam of the Grand Mosque in France on Tuesday evening, not to pouring oil on the fire, while Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius from Cairo that he is against any provocation, reminding of the importance of freedom of expression.

Several Muslim countries have seen protests, some of which turned to violence against American embassies, to protest against the film patent offending Muslims of the Prophet and Islam.
Source: nakhelnews