Breakthrough soon in the case of the approval of Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Baghdad: – MP for the coalition of state law Ibrahim al-Rikabi said the Iraqi government did not keep silent about the issue of the country out of Chapter VII, noting that there were diplomatic channels at the Foreign Ministry and the government, following this case.

He said in a statement to (East): “The seventh item on a heavy legacy on the current Iraqi government, and this came because of the backlog of debt and financial violations imposed by Kuwait on Iraq.

The MP expressed his belief that this issue depend on our relationship with Kuwait, so there must be a strong relationship between the two countries, and down to consent to allow the lifting of entitlements for Iraq, believing that this issue will see a breakthrough soon. Rikabi said: there will be a political climate to remove Iraq from Chapter debt seventh item, so the issue responsible and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we expect to resolve this issue as soon as possible to get rid of this compensation imposed on the country.

In a related development called the Iraqi List MP Ahmed electrodes Iraqi government should do its utmost to get rid of the seventh item, believing that the solution of this issue comes through diplomatic channels.

He said in a statement to (East): “to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, based on Iraq’s obligations towards the neighboring countries, especially Financial Obligations, expected non-waiver Kuwait for compensation in an attempt to block the resolution of this issue.

The MP for the coalition in Iraq free high Nassif had asked the Iraqi government to activate diplomacy to coincide with the meeting of the 67th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

She said: “It is very important that the government at the current stage to activate Iraqi diplomacy to coincide with the ongoing preparations for holding the meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations at its 67th in New York, as a prelude to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.”

She added: “The current stage requires creation of a political climate conducive to rid Iraq of UN authorization, and by building positive relations with major countries and give the true picture of the new Iraq, which does not justify its survival under Chapter VII.”

The the 67 session of the General Assembly held at United Nations Headquarters on Tuesday, September 18.