MP describes Maliki’s government as weakest since 1921

MP describes Maliki’s government as weakest since 1921

Sunday, 24 February 2013 17:20 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Khalid Abdullah al-Alwani of the Iraqiya Slate described the current Iraqi Government as “the weakest government since formation of the modern Iraqi state in 1921.”

Alwani said that “The Government of the Premier Nouri al-Maliki is adept only in creating crises, also it did not manage to resolve any problem experienced by the country whether political, security or service problem, besides the government’s failure in fighting the corruption that prevails the state institutions.”

MP of Anbar province continued saying “After the government adopted the marginalization and exclusion policy in running the state, all became fully convinced that the government is unable to fulfill its commitments where it is still adherent to the marginalization for the rest partners within the political process.”

“This state caused setback and frustration among the popular circles which prompted them to take into street throughout the country,” he concluded. /End/