$ 138 million annually for the protection of “al-Maliki”

$ 138 million annually for the protection of “al-Maliki”


Palm – MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, “Farhad Atrushi” allocate a huge amount of protection elements Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying: costs amounted salaries elements protections Maliki $ 138 million annually, each devoted to security companies, explaining that the number of claims from employees of the government forces of 4,300 people.

Atrushi pointed out that this file will be among the questions addressed to the prime minister if he was questioned by parliament.

The owners announced the option of questioning Maliki finalized 25 questions relating to security files, and financial and other issues involving constitutional violations.

The owners of three lines to protect the first includes those close to him and most of his siblings, and the sons of the city Touirij Maliki’s hometown, and the second elected and military units, and the third would responsibility for security companies.
Source: nakhelnews