Zebari with head of UNAMI discuss key issues including Ch VII exit

Zebari to discuss preparations for wekoblr (5 + 1) and exit Iraq credit VII Date: Thursday, 26-04-2012 02: 42 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) …Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari with the head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, Martin Kobler of preparations for the Conference (5 + 1) on the Iranian nuclear issue, as well as the issue of camp Ashraf (Iraq) and the fulfilment of humanitarian commitments Iraq and international population.

The Foreign Office said in a statement received (News Agency news) a copy of: the Minister Zebari met Kobler today and discussed with him the issue of camp Ashraf and the relations between Iraq and Kuwait, which have improved significantly, and preparations for the next meeting of the Joint Committee of Kuwait to discuss bilateral issues, leading to exit Iraq completely from the provisions of Chapter VII.

Added: Zebari reviewed Iraq’s preparations for the convening of the meeting of 5 + 1 in Baghdad about Iran’s nuclear program to the importance of this subject for the States of the region and regional security and compatibility with the Summit decisions in its Arabic (23) in Baghdad and not present in the “Declaration of Baghdad.”

Zebari stressed the importance of the United Nations Mission to carry out its tasks alionami contained in the internationalist to their assistance and support