World Bank: There is a plan to restructure the banking Rafidain and Rasheed

Helen Maria confirmed the Special Representative of the World Bank, “The strategic relationship with Iraq will be extended from 2012 until the year 2016.” Indicating that “this strategy is not only in Iraq but in several countries.”

Said Helen during her visit to Muthanna province today, “There are agreements and negotiations with the central government to identify the joints and the details of this strategy.” Noting that “the World Bank will consider the special nature of this country in order to identify important points about this strategy.” Afterthought, “but in general.”

She added that “this strategy will emphasize topics the development of macro-economic growth and development as well as issues relating to capacity-building and transparency and the fight against corruption and other ways to promote a strong economy for this country.” Noting that “the Bank is trying to help create an environment that provides job opportunities and eliminate unemployment and a focus on the youth. “noting that” many young people are eligible to enter the Iraqi market. “

Revealed Helen that “there is a plan to restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed to contribute to the creation of financial and banking sector better in Iraq contributes to the promotion of investment and provide an ideal environment.” Afterthought “should there be a banking sector active in Iraq, but we Ntanaj to cooperation by the party return. “

On the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency “I think that this may have been in Turkey and will not have any effect, either positive or negative.”, Adding: “But if what has been implemented correctly and I mean here properly is to keep the same purchasing power of the currency after deletion of zeros if there was a thousand dinars, and after deletion of zeros has become a must for this dinars dinar to have the same purchasing power of one thousand dinars.