World Bank reports show significant progress in the development of the Iraqi economy

World Bank reports show significant progress in the development of the Iraqi economy


World BankBaghdad – and babysit – Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, Wednesday, that Iraq is going through a period of development by good reports have been discussed by the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.
Safi said in a press statement that “the World Bank expressed satisfaction with the progress in the Iraqi economy, which is active in recent years as a result of the expansion of investment operations for the exploitation of its natural resources optimally.”

He said the net that “the report of the World Bank about the Iraqi economy showed clear improvement in the country’s economy, but he also warned of the risk of increasing pressure on the Iraqi budget because of the high overhead and delay in approving the budget for the country,” pointing out that “the Bank will develop a study to assess the economic situation to be accurate and provide the necessary support needed by Iraq in the implementation of strategic projects. ”

He added that “the meetings detailed underway between Iraq and the IMF and the World Bank on projects implemented by international institutions affiliated to them in Iraq as projects external road link between Iraq and neighboring countries and the dry canal project,” adding, “it was also discussed observations and reports that you see those international institutions on the process economic and financial management in Iraq and the mechanism to deal with the Iraqi budget. ”

He pointed out that “Iraq will be present at all meetings of the IMF and World Bank Aldollin addition to the meetings to be held by the World Bank at its headquarters in Amman” … p / i