Withdraw from the Iraqi political process and calling for al-Maliki and al-Dulaimi, to resign

Withdraw from the Iraqi political process and calling for al-Maliki and al-Dulaimi, to resign


Withdraw from the Iraqi political process and calling for al-Maliki and al-Dulaimi, to resignPalm – called the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki and Minister of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi to “resign” after the killing and wounding hundreds in the process of storming Square sit-in Hawija, confirmed that the head of the government record “failure new” in dealing with the case, as pointed out that it will continue to meet out a final position “may be to withdraw from the political process.”

Said a spokesman for the Iraqi List, Maysoon in a statement read during a press conference held by the parliament building after an emergency meeting convened by the Iraqi List, on the events of Hawija, said that “what happened in Hawija, which led to the death and injury of hundreds built on pretexts and flimsy,” asserting that it was “better to give an opportunity for political efforts to resolve the crisis. ”

The Damluji that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki failed new record on what happened in Hawija events, calling him and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi agency to “resign from their posts.

She Damaluji that “the Iraqi List, will continue to meet until a final exit position of the crisis may be to withdraw from the political process,” noting that “the comments Iraqi MPs to attend parliament sessions continuing.”

And denounced the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said on Tuesday (23 April 2013), the process forces stormed the Iraqi army Square sit-in Hawija in Kirkuk, and demanded that all institutions and national bodies to “intervene to put an end to these violations,” while calling for “restraint” from all parties in order to preserve Iraqi blood.

The security sources in the police Hawija and witnesses in Kirkuk province, confirmed earlier in the day that thousands of members of the families of slaves and Jabour in the areas of Hawija and areas adjacent province of Salah al-Din deployed visibly in those areas heavily armed shouting revenge for those who have fallen in the yard of a sit- Hawija.

And declared the Iraqi Defense Ministry, on Tuesday, it suffered three dead and nine wounded troops carried out a raid Square sit-in Hawija, confirmed that the operation killed 20 “terrorists” who were holed up in the yard sit and arresting 75 others, indicating they had found 45 pieces of weapons and bombs and sharp machines inside the arena.

And lead military operations in Hawija Iraqi ground forces commander Ali Ghaidan, who resides in the judiciary since Friday.

And condemned the cleric Abdul-Malik al-Saadi, said Tuesday, “aggression,” the government’s Square sit-in Hawija, and stressed that it did so in Action “will be held accountable in this world and the hereafter,” In a single called for protesters to defend themselves vigorously, he stressed it except it must protestors restraint to miss an opportunity against the aggressors.

And accused the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki to “commit” a massacre against the protests are Hawija in Kirkuk province, and try to “pushing” the people to “civil war, and threatened بملاحقته and elements of the Iraqi army involved in the process internationally” criminals war, “while the National Alliance demanded and religious authorities to” critical attitude “toward what is happening.

With warned the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement, today, of an internal war ominous in the event of extension events Hawija to other provinces, “and called on the Iraqi army in Hawija to” Do not use excessive force, “and stressed that it was better to” The Ministry of the Interior Criminal responsibility and not the army, “a claim to contain it through clan and religious leaders, dignitaries and politicians.

And Dan Matsamu Anbar strongly the storming Square sit-in Hawija, Dawn, on Tuesday, and accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as “Enter the country in hell,” and confirmed that they were holding an urgent meeting is to take a position on what happened, while attacked the finance minister resigned Issawi government strongly He stressed that what the in Hawija “is a sectarian crime of genocide,” and urged the United Nations as Haweeja “City of disaster” and Arab League to intervene.

The security sources and officials in Kirkuk province, confirmed on Tuesday that at least 120 of the protests are Hawija had been killed and wounded forces fire operations Tigris in the storming of the yard carried out at dawn, stressing that those forces took control of the scene in full and the burning tents and arresting dozens, While parents began a distress call through the media to donate blood for the wounded, stressing that the army opened fire randomly on the protestors.

The storm Square sit-in Hawija after hours to prevent Operations Command Tigris, Monday evening, (April 22 2013), a parliamentary delegation from entering the Square sit-in Hawija to deliver supplies to protestors, was described as the leader of the (block united) MP Ahmed electrodes, one of members of the delegation, the situation of the protesters as “tragic”, while called for a political solution or the intervention of the United Nations, al-Maliki warned of any military action against the arena “because it may spark a battle in the whole of Iraq.”

The intrusion after less than 24 hours to declare the Iraqi Defense Ministry, on Monday (April 22 2013), that a cell of the crisis and have established procedures to prevent “extremists and terrorists” from infiltrating into squares sit-in, while confirming a “solutions vessels” to combat “terrorist organizations.”

Saw Square sit-in Hawija, after Friday prayers in (19 April 2013), clashes near a checkpoint joint army and police forces near the Square sit-in, accusing the army command demonstrators attacked the point, and causing the “battle” that killed one soldier and wounded the two others, while protesters say, that the army is responsible for the accident, and affirm the death of one of them and wounding two others as well.

The commander of the Ground Forces Command Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, gave the protests are Hawija so, the era of the first Sunday (21 th of this April), to deliver the “killers of the army”, and confirmed that there is something strictly inspect tents and removed to catch the attackers and restore weapons and launchers seized from the army, stressing that “no solution without restore prestige of the state,” but Ghaidan did not push returned and charged in earlier in the day Monday, as protests Hawija trying to assassinate him and considered that Square sit-in has become “a den of terrorists and managed by the Naqshbandi and the Baath Party.”

And met with the threat of military forces broke into the yard sit Hawija reactions condemns this attempt as it attacked a prominent cleric Abdul-Malik al-Saadi Sunday, (April 21 2013), strongly Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and accused him of بزج army to suppress the “unarmed demonstrators demanding their rights,” and when he called on the army to “Do not listen to the owners,” the military warned strongly against storming Square sit-in Hawija, or exposure of the demonstrators, saying that the military will not survive “the wrath of the Mujahideen.”

He Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi on Sunday, (April 21 2013), also expressed concern about what is happening in the yard of a sit-Hawija in Kirkuk, and demanded an investigation fair and transparent and to institute legal proceedings and legal for “resolving the dispute,” while calling for “ending the military siege “imposed on the judiciary.

And warned the People’s Committees in the province of Kirkuk, (April 21 2013), to break into the Iraqi army to Square sit-in Hawija hours before the expiration of the period set by the Land Forces Commander Gen. Corner Ali Ghaidan “to break into the” arena this afternoon, in the event of non-delivery of wanted to kill elements in the army, and threatened that they “will not stand idly by” if there is intrusion, and accused the “third party” seeking to foment conflict and turn it into a “clash of bloody”, and described as “hypocrites who have lost their constituents and returned to keep up with the government.”

He was Vice-President former required for the Iraqi government, Tariq al-Hashemi accused, on Monday, (April 22 2013) Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to pay the events toward violence in Hawija (55 km southwest of Kirkuk), after that “fed up” Bslmah demonstrations ” , and warned him of committing “new crap that could lead to a real civil war”, while the Kurdistan region called for the suspension of negotiations with Baghdad “in solidarity” with the protesters, sending messages detection of the United Nations and the Arab League.

And systems sitters in six provinces, on Monday, (April 22 2013), “general strike and fasting” continue “for a period of 24 hours, confirming that the strike in order to” understand the sectarian government that it has lost its legitimacy, “and in protest against the remarks which he called the Prime Minister Nuri Maliki, the protestors as “rebels”.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, attacked at the promotion of the list (a coalition of state law), which led, in the court of the city of Nasiriyah, (Center for Dhi Qar province, 350 km south of Baghdad), in (the 16th of April 2013 now), demonstrators and protesters strongly, describing them as “rebels” and warned of “Last Stand” If you do not return to an understanding on the basis of “the Constitution and national unity,” rather than the threat of force, adding that I have “patience them a lot because they are our brothers, but they have to believe that very seriously and ended the opportunity is no longer wise to avail with these rebels will be our last interview and the Iraqi people’s position will not be too far away, “he continued threat,” but concern for the blood of Iraqis may require us responsible attitude in accounting for all who go out the law. ”