Will the Iraqi Parliament collapse under the chaos?

Will the Iraqi Parliament collapse under the chaos?

Tuesday 03 December 2019 at 10:47

Will the Iraqi Parliament collapse under the chaosBaghdad / Sky Press

The Iraqi street lives today unknown in the shadow of chaos.After Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the movements of political blocs towards an alternative remains unknown until the moment, despite the deliberate leaks of a number of names belonging to parties, blocs and different orientations.

This is paralleled by a marked escalation in the popular movement that has been going on since last October, and its demand for a change in the form of government, and not just the issue of stepping down from the prime minister.

This demand is not the result of the ongoing demonstrations, but can be said to be a continuation of a path of warnings issued since the first month of the life of Abdul Mahdi’s government in October last year.

Observers of the political process warned, at the time, that the prime minister would not complete his term, due to an early resignation before completing his second year in office, which means that this government will be the last in the existing parliamentary political system.

Today, with Abdul Mahdi’s resignation only 13 months after he assumed the highest political office of his life, the dominant attitudes and visions of the decision both inside and outside parliament have produced the weakest Iraqi government in post-2003 Iraq.

In light of the demands of the protest movement and political blocs in force for constitutional amendments, is still fog on the scene is difficult to think about the features of the next stage.

Although any constitutional amendment requires sufficient time for drafting and voting, the deliberations to amend the statutes of the legislative elections and the Independent High Electoral Commission go a long way. The external factor, in this context, has not shown Tehran or Washington a clear position, which is no less important conflict between the quota elements of the political process in the country;

The latter was promoted by some of the protesters who put forward the name of Abdulwahab al-Saadi as interim president until the supposed constitutional amendments were made, which may not have taken place.

In light of the current situation, there is a need for a comprehensive national dialogue to come out with a common denominator, which may save the political process of the regime that is about to collapse. It could torpedo all efforts to contain the crisis and spark protests