Wilding help hair growth in just two weeks

Wilding help hair growth in just two weeks

27/04/2015 08:37 GMT

Wilding help hair growth in just two weeksAgencies – delicious smell Zakia multiple uses in the kitchen, he thyme! I have been using thyme for several centuries, not only Kshabh to eat, but for medical purposes and also due to the riches that the health benefits, including:
– Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth and abundance:

It contains essential vitamins for hair growth, also advises using drops of thyme oil found in pharmacies and add it to the point of shampoo with almond milk and soak hair done for 20 minutes, and you will notice the difference in two weeks!

– Thyme is rich in nutrients:

Thyme is rich in antioxidants, manganese, and vitamin K. It should be noted that antioxidants protect against free radicals, which increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and accelerate the aging process.

– Thyme provides metal iron:

Thyme is one of the important sources of iron with about three grams of this herb provides 20% of the recommended daily amount of this metal. The latter is important for the production of energy and the fight against poverty and tired blood.

– Thyme fights bacteria:

Thyme for antibacterial properties, which has been proven effective in the fight against a variety of bacteria and fungi.

– Thyme anti-inflammatory:

Numerous studies have found that thyme contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the prevention of chronic inflammation in the body.

– Thyme to enhance the process of breathing:

Thyme contributes to the improvement of respiratory health is decrease the severity of conditions that endure, such as coughs and bronchitis. Egilli thyme leaves and Drink Nqaaha such as tea!

– Thyme for a healthy heart and healthy:

Antioxidants found in thyme contribute in addition to its anti-inflammatory in the prevention of heart and blood vessel disease, chronic inflammation, which is one of the most important causes of heart disease.