“Wikileaks”: America pierced the current French elections!

“Wikileaks”: America pierced the current French elections!


Wikileaks - America pierced the current French electionsSaid the founder of “Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, Thursday, March 9 / March, and that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has given instructions to penetrate the French elections.

At a news conference Assange said, in a comment on the recent leaks of its location, the CIA developed a sophisticated mechanism to target the governments of the countries.

According to Assange, the world needs a similar agreement to the Geneva Conventions to protect citizens and businesses from cyber attacks, and that his activities in seeking to ensure the protection of communications and journalism security.

Assange confirmed that WikiLeaks has more information on the electronic weapons programs, he said, adding that the site will provide a few working in the field of technology companies all of his information from the CIA on piracy methods.

The Wikileaks, reported Tuesday, based on leaks, that the CIA used the US consulate in the city of Frankurt am Main German headquarters of Sri experts electronic piracy. According to insiders, the “Pirates” the agency using consulate building in the implementation of their operations in Europe and the Middle East.

He said German Interior Minister Thomas de Mezieres, on Thursday, said that Berlin will examine, “in cooperation with our American partners,” whether it was behind the recent publications of WikiLeaks “spies” in the ranks of the CIA or are talking about a group of pirates nothing to do with intelligence.

At a news conference the German capital, Berlin admitted de Mezieres, on Thursday, that his country’s authorities could not confirm or deny the authenticity of the documents published by WikiLeaks, noting that his ministry “take the situation seriously.”