Why Maliki decided to remove Dr. Shabibi now

Maliki government’s decision leaked Prime Minister sacked the central bank governor Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi from his job due to lack of joining his work and in the January 10, 2013. The decision came this time to avoid the escalation of pressure on his government and its judiciary, which many believe, also double these days , it has become subject to political pressure and in an attempt to end the file of the Central Bank.

The government’s involvement in this file as a result of the urgency of its president and his inner circle of Mhaoréh to get rid of the central bank governor punishment to him for his decision to reject $ 5 billion credit to the Maliki government saturated financial Surpluses in their annual budgets. As this credit Desired by the Prime Minister would run counter to the Central Bank Act 2004, Article 26, has refused Shabibi approval.

He has kept Dr. Shabibi this decision on the sanctity of law-abiding, which earned him a great reputation for his integrity and courage among intellectuals and in particular their fellow economists and professionals, this time not counted Maliki government reaction well on dismissal Shabibi known Baalmath and integrity and national family, believing that the Iraqis had استكانوا campaigns Domestication. What has happened is that Iraqi intellectuals organized petitions to sign against illegal work of the Council of Ministers Dislodging Shabibi without reference to the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives has been surpassed as part of a joint maneuver in the honeymoon did not last long at that time between Maliki and Osama Nujaifi speaker, who referred the issue of the Central Bank, and lacking legal and constitutional legitimacy to the judiciary, surpassing the powers of the right of Parliament to accountability. Exceeded Najafi has led to the Central Bank Law and the Constitution in the case of the central bank to a series of arbitrary complexity, including the arrest of more than 20 women respected employees of the Central Bank to clear Istbakan unjustly in prison without have the right to bail. This procedure was arbitrary derived from the laws of Saddam unfair.

The Governor of the Central Bank, which is the rank of minister, the law stipulates that he is responsible to the Parliament and not in front of the boss or any of its committees as it is not subject to the Prime Minister or his council, but the House of Representatives. And has resulted in the arrest of arbitrary figure on a more than respectable 20 women employees of the Central Bank .. to stimulate significantly lower virility they wanted Iraqi to Perish Vtqot. It was found that the increase in claims pro Ptharirhen of malicious and unjust detention by Article 340 which were used arbitrarily.

The escalated media hype for the release about them demanded the central bank governor Dr . Shabibi release of female detainees and then came interview Ms. courage Fawzia Kazim Ali, deputy director of the Department of Anti-Money Laundering at the Central Bank Alaracaaly Al Baghdadi to shed light on the background to this issue and lack of legal legitimacy. Has called for the release of her colleagues then hand over the same kind of Magistracy which was released as the twenty ladies bail guarantor

The Iraqi public opinion is no longer يستسيغ such arbitrariness of government right ladies respectable as employees Central Bank and other Iraqi creams, has ended the era of silence on abuse since the fall of Saddam’s regime and the emergence of the role of the media that carry news honestly and quickly in a lot of cases, despite the presence of overused and Maligned It also distorts.

As shown successive campaigns in support of the Governor of the Bank and Sadath respectable as well as the Deputy Governor of the appearance of Dr..

The Iraqi public opinion represented hundreds abundant intellectuals Illuminati who signed the petitions solidarity and those writers and intellectuals Iraqis caliber who Noroa readers including written, and singled them of reliable Dr. Rasheed Alckheon and Dr. Walid Khadduri expert oil industry International and Dr. Kazem Habib, professor of economics known legal scholar Dr. Abdul Hussein Shaaban and legal Aldiliein Judge Wael Abdul Latif and Mr. Ismail Al Timimi and former Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi and Mr. Hamoudi Jamaluddin and Dr. Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum and family long its letter discerning and others Kthar had made it clear that the question of charges for the management of the central bank are in reality targeting politicized and unjust lacks evidence not to mention the lack of ethics when charges are distorted reputation crew professional had to honor to Achieve economic stability rather than seeking tangible Manhunt and had a network of Iraqi Economists clear role in these campaigns of solidarity, including hosted by Code civilized dialogue.

The solidarity years with prisoners as with Dr. Shabibi as explained in my campaign of solidarity with the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, Vice Governor of the Central Bank, which retained a dark prison for a period of 48 days without reasonable justification in clear and deliberate insult to the Iraqi competencies outstanding. Unfortunately, this humiliation brought by the executive organ of the state the first who was responsible has admitted more than once on TV lack of knowledge in economics.

Undoubtedly, the lack of economic knowledge is not exclusive to our Prime Minister but extends to a lot of committees concerned with money and the House of Representatives and economy controlled by a Dawa Party and others who did not specialize economic and financial matters and cash.

This has resulted in the vacuum of knowledge to make these, as well as Mr. Maliki, held hostage by agitators and biased who brought them is to his office, where sits a number of Preachers sultans known at the time of Hussein Kamel and other is the time that the monetary authority which prints money without the expense.

Well, it seems that Maliki listens to advisers who have been educated in the schools of the former totalitarian regime and the most well known weakness of their knowledge in monetary policy as the others had been planning to take advantage of a professional crew economic offset of the Central Bank.