Whether ISIS is dangerous or not… a difference in the visions of Al-Sudani and Biden

Whether ISIS is dangerous or not… a difference in the visions of Al-Sudani and Biden

2024-04-19 08:19

Whether ISIS is dangerous or not... a difference in the visions of Al-Sudani and BidenShafaq News/ The American newspaper “Politico” highlighted the apparent discrepancy in the positions of Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani during his visit to Washington, and his talk that ISIS did not pose a threat as it did 10 years ago, an assessment that the report said the administration of US President Joe Biden does not agree with. With him.

The American report, translated by Shafaq News Agency, stated: Iraq believes that ISIS has ended, which Washington does not agree with. He explained that during Al-Sudani’s visit, there was a basic message to Washington, stating that ISIS no longer poses a threat as it did in the past. Al-Sudani confirmed this during a meeting with journalists last Tuesday. He made the point several times when asked about the future of the relationship between the United States and Iraq.

According to Al-Sudani, “ISIS does not currently pose a threat to Iraq, and most of its members are hiding in the mountains and in caves in the desert, and our security forces continue to track them,” adding that as a result, Baghdad plans “to re-evaluate the timetable for ending or reducing the mission” of the US-led military coalition. .

However, the American report pointed out that the Biden administration does not agree with this, referring to the position of the US State Department, which says that despite the defeat of ISIS on the ground in Iraq as a result of the work of the Iraqi army and the international coalition, the organization still poses a real threat, despite Its decline in Iraq and the wider region.

The report considered that these assessments of the strength of the terrorist organization reflect a difference between Baghdad and Washington as the two parties try to determine the future of the American forces in Iraq and the fate of the “very successful” international coalition.

According to the report, the Biden administration has clear interests in maintaining the presence of American soldiers in Iraq, as this helps prevent the resurgence of ISIS in the region, and confronts Iran’s influence, a task that has become more important with the emergence of features of the war between Israel and Tehran.

The report saw; Al-Sudani’s statements represent a shift in his ideas about the presence of American forces in Iraq, noting that Al-Sudani said secretly three months ago that he wanted the American forces to remain, even though he had previously announced that he would begin the process of removing them from the country.

The report continued that Al-Sudani’s statements also represent a major shift in the Iraqi position on ISIS, noting that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein recently said that ISIS is re-emerging, saying, “They have arrived in Moscow, and this means that they can reach anywhere.”

In addition, the report spoke of concern between the Republican and Democratic parties about the possibility of ISIS returning in the future, and quoted Republican Representative Don Bacon as saying that he was “glad that (ISIS) no longer represents the threat to Iraq that it previously posed,” adding that “ “There is still a network and they can revive it very quickly if conditions are right.”

The report quoted Andrew Cotey, a former US Marine Corps official who was a defense official in the Donald Trump administration, as saying that ISIS is amazingly capable of adapting and developing.