[Where] published the text of the popular crowd Act

[Where] published the text of the popular crowd Act

26/11/2016 15:30

published the text of the popular crowd Act[Where – Baghdad]
published by all of Iraq [where] on Saturday , the text of the popular crowd , which was passed in the House of Representatives session law.
Article [1]: factions and the popular crowd formations considered under this law legal entities have the rights and duties as synonymous committed to the strength and Dolly Iraqi security forces have the right to maintain its identity and privacy as long as it does not constitute a threat to national security of Iraq.
Article [2]: Titles and Titles formations that fall under the name of factions and formations popular crowd referred to in Article sets [1] above and decided by the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament and in coordination with the General Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces , the Office of the light provides the procedures required by it.
Article [3]: exercise groups and formations of the popular crowd functions and military and security activities at the request and instruct the General Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces and in coordination with the starting and continuation when there are security threats require field intervention to deter these threats and uproot.
Article [4]: entitles factions and formations of the popular crowd under this law , the right to use necessary force and do whatever it takes to deter security threats and terror inflicted on Iraq as well as to liberate cities from terrorist groups and their security and eliminate terrorist groups and all those who cooperate with them under any name It was .
Article [5]: The Iraqi government and the House of Representatives is committed to creating requirements and the needs of groups and formations of the popular crowd of military and other demanding than its security and military activities in the event of a security threat to Iraq or what it takes to remain in a state of full readiness to deter these threats.
Article [6]: enjoy Associates of individuals and groups and formations of the popular crowd and the victims of the military actions of them – dead and wounded and missing – the same salary and pension rights and privileges enjoyed by their fellow employees of the defense and interior ministries.

Article [7]: calculated for purposes of promotion and career service and retirement time jihadist period spent by individuals and factions of the popular crowd formations in the face of terrorist threats if appointed to another post within the official owners of the state.

Article [8]: General Commander of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health Bureau is committed to each according to its maintenance of a centralized records in Baghdad prove the facts relating to the service and jihadi martyrs and wounded and Missing persons security operations in the provinces and regions relating to family members and factions of the formations the popular crowd.

Article 9: The central records referred to in Article (7) above legal reference management to the restrictions required in the completion of the transactions relating to install and approve employees of the martyrs and the wounded and Missing persons factions and formations of the popular crowd and all that is related to validate the release of documents relating to such rights.

Article [10] The Council of Ministers issued the necessary instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

Article 11: This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is effective from the date (10 / June / 2014).

The reasons
for the purpose of providing legal protection for the species and varieties popular crowd that provide cover and passport legitimate military intervention and Advaoua of legitimacy to what comes out of their members during the clash with the enemy in combat areas and to organize their work and bring them under the Iraqi government ‘s view and to prevent allowing sooner or later targeting them under various pretexts and to secure their financial position and their rights … this law was enacted.