What does America want from Iraq?

What does America want from Iraq?


What does America want from IraqA few days ago we marked the anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003. America invaded Iraq with prior planning and preparation, not as the Americans say, because it was a mistake. Nor is it motivated by the neoconservatives regarding the importance of their position on the invasion or the push to accelerate it. The truth is that the invasion process is part of an American global plan, and this is what was proven by all the events that followed the invasion, whether in Iraq or in the Arab region.
With this invasion, America not only overthrew the regime, but rather, with a prior design, it completely destroyed the Iraqi state… and changed its geographical environment. Using chemtrail gas, whether in its war on it in 1991, or in the invasion that ended with its occupation, in addition to its use of depleted uranium. Its use of internationally banned weapons; This explains the terrifying increase in the number of people suffering from cancer in Iraq.

The United States wants to destroy Iraq not only in the present, but also in the future. It has planned and is planning to strip it of all components and foundations of progress and development. To subject him to it and its policy

What is most terrifying for the present and future of the Iraqi people, and most criminal against them; It is America’s use of chimertile technology even after its occupation of Iraq for years. This technology affected the climate of Iraq. The United States wants to destroy Iraq not only in the present, but also in the future. It has planned and is planning to strip it of all components and foundations of progress and development. To subject him to it and its policies, whether in the Arab region or at the regional level. This technology, especially at the military level, and at the geography level of any country in the world; It will cause environmental catastrophes, as military and scientific experts say: It will be an alternative future to nuclear weapons. The United States of America will drag the world into an arms race between the world’s great powers. That is, it is the focus and center of danger to all the peoples of the Earth. America says that it seeks with the Iraqi government to develop relations between them, in the interest of both countries. What hypocrisy, what slander, what lie is this that America says? It uses this technology on Iraqi soil. Until you strip it of its strength, in agriculture and the environment. The important question here is what does America want from Iraq? Does she want him to be her follower forever? Do you want it to continue to rely on oil and gas only, as is the case because of the environment in neighboring Arab countries? The United States plans to control Iraq for a very long time; Through these means and many others that fall in the same direction. In a recent article written by Dr. Jassim Younis Al-Hariri: (On January 28, 1991, American aircraft launched chemtrail gas over Iraq, after loading it with an active strain of a genetically engineered microbe on behalf of the American Department of Defense, for use in biological warfare, after… Washington vaccinated American soldiers with a vaccine against this microbe before sending them to the battlefield. In a lecture given by Colonel Tamzi House, one of the US Army generals, and published on the US Air Force Information Network, he revealed that in 2025 the United States will be able to control the weather of any region in the world through non-nuclear military technology, launched from tanks attached to aircraft. The jet, indicating that the United States seeks to use chemtrail technology as part of its main tools for future wars. The “Shield to Cool the Earth Through Geographic and Climatic Engineering” project, America began to use it in its own wars. The most dangerous thing is that Israel obtained this technology, which makes the nuclear weapons next to it zero on the north, and its acquisition of “chemtrails” may be behind its agreement to inspect its nuclear facilities and approve To make the Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi aeronautical engineering scientist and graduate of a Russian university, Professor Nouri Al-Qaisi, points out another fact. After a long study and research, he confirmed that the cause of these atmospheric environmental phenomena in Iraq, which distinguished it from its international environment, is the substance (chemtrail).Every Iraqi knows this issue, but lacks awareness of it. For years, we have been watching planes flying in the airspace of Iraq spreading a dense white gas over the Iraqi regions. This gas condenses and increases in size, and after it comes a hot, dry, dusty day, and the Iraqi winter of 2010 is a witness to this matter. I followed the case and photographed all the times those planes flew and spread their toxins, causing Iraq’s climate to turn to drought and heat. Otherwise, whoever believes that Iraq is a rainy country (cold and rainy in winter) as the geographical sciences say, which Iraqis have studied since time immemorial, will turn into dry and hot. Winter, and until 12/10/2010, the sky had not dropped a single drop of rain on Iraq, and the temperature was still hovering between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius. End quote. America is completely wrong; As it imagines that it can, through these criminal means, as in others; To control the fate of Iraq, its people, state, land and sky, is completely delusional. Because the people of Iraq do not know submission and subordination, and sooner or later they will expel it from their land and sky. It has passed throughout their land in different eras and epochs. The horsebacks of the invaders, but they are at the end of their occupation and criminal journey. They left with a secret of longing without getting what they planned to get; Who plunders and exploits his wealth. The Iraqi people also have many thinkers and seekers of truth. Who know exactly what America wants from their country, and in exposing and uncovering all the crimes America plans and carries out. The United States of America, with its policies; It pulls the whole world into a new furnace of fire. It robs it of security, stability, and peace, whether currently, as it currently is, or in the foreseeable, medium, and distant future. By opening new areas in addition to old ones; A new arms race between the world’s great powers. Americans more than any major country; You talk about human rights, peace, development and stability in the world, while the truth is exactly the opposite. The great powers, not just America; All its concern is to remain as great powers, and to ensure that it remains in control of the world, and holds all the keys to controlling it. America due to its capabilities and capabilities; The major powers are pushing into an arms race that varies with each era, as happened in the Cold War, and as is actually happening at the present time. Most of the peoples and countries of the world are the victims of these developments and the prospects of these developments in their military aspect, and even in their geography in terms of their transformation according to American interests. What does America want from the world? She wants to control his fate for the benefit of her companies, which in the final analysis; The American administration, which is also the Parliament, the Senate, and the institutions of strategic studies; That is, American companies are America, a country, a system of government, and ambitious plans, and they have sought and are seeking to establish something resembling a global government to rule the globe. This American policy; Its result was its decline as a major economic power, and the decline of its power and dominance in many places in the world. It is on the way to losing a lot of its power and influence, in addition to the anxious and troubled American interior. But until this moment, she has not backed down one hair from her ambitions to control the fate of the world. Countries and peoples. This American policy; The great and major powers in the world confronted it, not for the benefit of the world, but for their own interest within the framework of competition for hegemony, sovereignty, influence and exploitation, in a much milder way. In fact, the truth is completely different from the American exploitation of its influence in specific countries and peoples.What is happening in Iraq from an American plan; To sustain its occupation of it in apparent and other hidden ways, and in the Russian-American war on Ukrainian land, in Central Asia and in the South China Sea, and in Gaza and what is happening there or what Israel is carrying out of massacres and genocide; It does not deviate from this conflict, but rather it is the heart of this conflict. Which will change the shape and image of the Arab region, its neighborhood, and the world.