Weaker US president since George Washington!

Weaker US president since George Washington!

December 4, 2014 10:58

Saleh Qallab …

Weaker US president since George WashingtonNot supposed to take the arrival of the Syrian crisis to the White House with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel only, but also Foreign Minister John Kerry; President Barack Obama, that if we wanted the truth from the perspective of Arab and Middle Eastern, we would say it is the weakest Prime knew the United States the world has ever known in the past century and passed of this century, he is pursued, especially in the last two years, about the worsening in Syria, the situation and the latest developments of the Palestinian issue and also about the problem of Iran’s nuclear capabilities, policies and attitudes characterized by frequency and fluidity, not satisfied by these two ministers alone, but many who play key roles in shaping «strategies» US.

Obama began his first term enthusiastic and critical to a lot of issues this outstanding region, which he inherited from those who had preceded him to the White House, the first of the Palestinian cause, and here it all is noteworthy that Alasme sermon delivered at the runway Cairo University during his visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt In 2009, the visit which has been described as unique and distinctive and historic, but unfortunately, echo this sermon as soon faded when the promises kept and promises outstanding and when the Israelis has grown in the era of democracy this administration extreme arrogance, retreating to the peace process in the Middle East until I got to this situation disappointing that made the Palestinians seriously considered in the delivery of national power switches to the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama was unable to carry out even minimal promises committed himself in the speech included Cairo University in 2009, and perhaps the worst that Foreign Minister John Kerry remained shuttling in this region and remained moving between the Palestinians and the Israelis without any progress can be asserted or build on it, but has persistently Benjamin Netanyahu a lot in the last two years to defy the international community and the resolutions of the United Nations to lift the pace of settlement activity in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, and to continue to humiliate the Palestinian people and the practice of racist policies against the sons of this people, do not like them, but the practices of the «apartheid» against blacks in South Africa.

Thus, Obama’s failure for the Palestinian cause, compared to what was promised in the speech included Cairo University in 2009, he was miserably and it was frustrating for the Arabs and the Palestinians, and so to the extent that many have begun «Atrahmon» George HW Bush and George W. Bush, and to some extent that hate the Palestinians in particular, and Arabs in general to the United States several times has doubled during these last two years, and perhaps what this hatred that Americans should stop here long is reinforced those exotic styles exciting to many of the questions and the questions that followed the US president toward the Syrian crisis, which has further deteriorated and pronounced and turned into a global crisis, there does not seem to be any light at the end of even a faint dark Nfgaha.

And applicable to the conflict in the Middle East, and specifically on the Palestinian issue, also applies to the Syrian crisis, the US President with the explosion of the conflict in Syria in 2011 seemed a firm and decisive and repeatedly declared that there is a solution with Bashar al-Assad stay in power sites and responsibility, it’s just that stalling began in the same place, and soon it became for this crisis, says something in the morning and abandon him in the afternoon, making things brought to this tragic situation and make even the opposition «moderate» suffer from all of these regulatory and political problems facing them, which led to the emergence of «Daash» and her sisters and the persistence of the Russian and Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

It has been proved and irrefutable evidence that Barack Obama is seems as if he is either an accomplice or a helpless towards the Syrian crisis, but what does it mean to say and announce, at the same time which was attributed to the Russians are willing to abandon the Syrian president that they got guarantees the survival of the current government, it «No has no plans at the moment to topple Bashar al-Assad»? Then what is the meaning that this cosmic war begins on «Daash» and terrorism and that this alliance, which now includes about 60 countries reside while at the same time confirms the continuing emphasis on the exclusion of the use of American ground forces (ground) to resolve things?

Air operations against «Daash» and «victory» and «Khorasan» I started long ago, however, nothing has changed on the ground, even in those small Syrian town, appointed Arabs (Kobanî), and all this while the militia «Daash »has expanded its deployment in Syrian territory, and they moved in some areas of Iraq from defense to attack the case, and they became close to the occupation of Ramadi, Anbar and complete occupation .. What is the meaning of this, I wonder? What he wants Obama, who is getting a deficit and increasing reluctance day after day?

There are those who say, this is true, that Obama has a good faith belief that Iran no major irreplaceable in the equation of the region, and he does not trust the Arabs do not see a real possibility of any real role for them in the balance of this region, so it may face to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei those strange and bizarre message which pledged to guarantee the survival of Bashar al-Assad and also in cooperation with Tehran against «Daash» meeting with the Iranians to reach a comprehensive agreement for Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Then that raises already surprising is that Obama, who bites from Russian burrow several times, the most serious of the failure of a solution transitional phase in Syria «Geneva II», which had been agreed upon in «First Geneva», still trusts President Vladimir Putin and the Minister Foreign Sergei Lavrov and still believe that the Russians will abandon Bashar al-Assad, and that with that Lavrov reiterated, even before the cock crows, that his country’s position will remain as it is towards the Syrian crisis, and Russian support for the regime in Damascus will not stop, and Russia will consider that the priority is to confront terrorism and terrorist organizations, and of course, well known that Moscow has been and continues to insist that there are no moderate opposition, but opposition to the inside, and that all of these factions «foreign» including the FSA is represented by terrorist organizations such as «Daash» and « Nasra »!!

Obama had given agreement «Chemical Ali», which saved Bashar al-Assad from the inevitable fall, as a free gift to President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, Obama had colluded with the Iranians convinced them and in turn, the basic equation of Middle Eastern, and let them interfere militarily and politically blatant interference in Syria, even including the control of the Syrian decision, and for all things, and is well known that Obama is the one who thwarted the idea of ​​Syrian buffer zones and the idea of ​​no-fly zones and so on, so the supposed it does not dispute that the US President Petrddh and the fluidity of his positions is responsible for the Syrian tragedy from beginning to end and it is also in charge of all these Israeli arrogance toward the Palestinian cause, and that responsible for what is happening in Libya and Yemen, and of course in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Therefore, it can be said that Barack Obama is for us and for our causes inflamed in this region as an extension until Afghanistan is the weaker US president since George Washington and so far, and this is perhaps what made Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the US policy as «stupid», and this is what made Kerry says Russian Foreign Minister: «listened to what the president is saying but I do not Tkatrthoa him», which is also what makes Chuck Hagel submit his resignation from Democrats and jumps ship, which is now approaching drowning !!

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