Washington trained Iraqi pilots on the Apache and announces the arrival of the first batch of F16 fighter jets

Washington trained Iraqi pilots on the Apache and announces the arrival of the first batch of F16 fighter jets in September next

Friday, February 14, 2014 10:43

Washington trained Iraqi pilots on the Apache and announces the arrival of the first batch of F16 fighter jets in September next[Baghdad – where]

The United States announced its intention to train Iraqi pilots on its territory to lead the helicopter [Apache].

Maj. Gen. Pilot Associate Director of the Office security to Iraq, William Bender across the round table organized by the Office of Information Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad for the Iraqi media, attended by all of Iraq [where] on Thursday, “The Apache helicopters are considered advanced weapons and is best located at the Army American, “adding that” there are more decisions that are waiting to be taken to see the number that had been contracted to sell to Iraq, “likely, be a number between 12 or 24 aircraft, without specifying a date for delivery to the Iraqi side.

“The six pilots will leave Iraq early next month Mtogern to the United States for training in leadership Apache plane as that dialogue is still going on with the Iraqi government on the preparation of the team Alphennin specialists maintained.”

The Major General George Bender that “the U.S. Congress gave its approval recently to sell Iraq a number of Apache helicopters after the U.S. government has offered a request in the twenty-seventh of January last,” noting that “the U.S. administration gave Iraq the lead in the contracts between other countries he is fighting an enemy The joint armed terrorist organizations. ”

In response to a question from [where] the dates of delivery of jet fighters F-16 confirmed U.S. General “his country’s commitment to deliver the aircraft to the Iraqi side in accordance with the timelines specified in the deal and the 36 aircraft,” declaring, “handing Iraq, in September next 2014 , the first batch of fighter aircraft [F-16], and consists of two graduated as [7] pilots trained on these aircraft will increase the number of Iraqi pilots to lead to 12 fighter jet pilots in the next year. ”

Maj. Gen. Binder, that “the system of reinforcing FMS depends primarily base in sales on transparency in the first place and is not confined to Iraq, but in all the programs in the countries of the world and for this reason that stimulates the nations of the world to buy from weapons program FMS U.S. and to adopt transparency and the absence of any corruption in this program with Iraqi generals confirm that arms the U.S. FMS program is devoid of any corruption. ”

He pointed out, the U.S. general, that “the amount of armament and timing that will get through which Iraq after the agreement was with the Iraqi military command for the actual need of the current weapon for fighting the terrorists in Anbar, was recently delivered 27 boxes lot of weapons and 2,400 rocket helicopter Iraqi fighter and 5 millions of rounds motorcycle, and during the next two days we will hand over 1300 rounds tanks and also will deliver 13 Hellfire missile, and during the next two weeks will deliver 100 rockets and 60 days after the date the latter will receive the Iraq 200 missile, with the presence of anxiety in the timing of delivery about the large shipments of rebar. ”

The official said the U.S. security that “the number who are members of the U.S. military in Iraq are very few Their role is limited to providing support and assistance to the Iraqi side and all this falls within the program of armament FMS, denying the existence of training courses conducted in Iraq by the U.S. trainers, but on land the U.S., and there was no request by the federal government for the American side to bring U.S. officers in Iraq by Mancherth U.S. newspapers. ”

He described the U.S. General Iraqi relations – the U.S. during the last two years as “were not at the required level as a result of the changes that have taken place after the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq as transformed relationship with the Iraqi side of the military to the political, bringing the deal not with the military but with the Iraqi government exclusively.”

And current events in Anbar, said Major General Pilot Associate Director of the Office security to Iraq, William Bender, “The evolution in Anbar province is moving slowly and signs regarding terrorism is shrinking and the relations between the parties is improving,” adding, that “the army is now able to move around and there is cooperation and understanding among them was the best score in relation to Balmkhatabat and talks and sharing of intelligence information between the parties, the military, as well as a lot of the aid provided by the U.S. side would come to fruition. ”

He continued that “the terrorists are trying to pass misinformation and incorrect and trying to hide a lot of the developments that you get on the ground, it’s the other dimension is achieved by the army to avoid damage to civilians and the information obtained by the Iraqi side.”

And Gen. Binder arms deals with Iraq as “historic between the two countries, a symbol and an indication of the strong relationship between the two parties,” adding that “engagements that took place with Iraq comes within the framework deal on the basis of one packet, which commits the United States to provide Iraq with spare parts of aircraft maintenance and weapons for a period of thirty years. ”

He pointed to “the agreement of the Iraqi and the U.S. within the program of armament FMS, which is due to two reasons: firstly is to fight a common enemy, a terrorist who fights him Iraqis in Anbar and in the region as a whole and try to select as soon as the nature of the weapons that Iraq needs of supplies and ammunition and light weapons, stores and other logistical equipment.”

For its part, the chancellor said in the political section of the military at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Deborah Jones, that “the program of arms sales to Iraq FMS, which is the largest program of valuable world and is a symbol of partnership and bilateral long-term relationship between Iraq and the United States, and this partnership is known within the strategic agreement signed between the two countries.” .

She added that “deals sell aircraft to the United States are subject to revision by the specialized committees It is our duty to work closely with the U.S. Congress,” indicating that “there is a close relationship with Iraqi politicians in the defense and security concerning shipments of rebar, but the equipment and advanced equipment too needs time There is no longer an Iraqi political pressure not to armament and arms deals but are subject to lengthy procedures despite assurances by the Iraqi government and the army quickly armament. “ended 2