Washington Post: Maliki retains power thanks to Iranian support divisions and liabilities

The Washington Post: Maliki retains power thanks to Iranian support divisions and liabilities

11/06/2012 14:29

Erbil, June 11 (AKnews) – A Washington Post the U.S. today that Iranian interference in Baghdad to prevent attempt to remove Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s office, noting that he also helped to divisions within the ranks of his opponents. The newspaper added that “win-Maliki tactical turn without undermining stability in Iraq, at least for the time being, but it prolongs the old dilemma of sectarian-based that has paralyzed the country for years. ” The paper quotes one Iraqi lawmakers, that “Iran has helped the prime minister by trying to gain time, since Tehran is seeking the time for the owners for two months, trying to appease his opponents, who accuse him of monopolizing power. ” and adds that “the roots of the crisis is the power struggle between the three main groups in Iraq, the majority Shiite and minority Sunni Arabs and Kurds, after the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein in the US-led invasion the United States in 2003, where he was six months after the departure of U.S. forces, it seems that the hopes fade in the oil-rich Iraq, which could quickly become a functioning democracy. ” The paper, according to several politicians “Shiites” did not reveal their names, that “al-Maliki associated Iran is the main guarantor of Iranian influence in Iraq, trying to keep him in power, he also enjoys close ties with Iranian leaders during the two decades in exile under Saddam Hussein, “she said, adding that” the effort overthrow Maliki depends on the chest, which has 40 seats in the Parliament and has a long history of conflict with the Prime Minister, but it is also susceptible to pressure Iran. ” The paper quotes MP Hammam Hammoudi favor of the owners that “after weeks of asking the chest with the Iraqi and Kurdish coalition to oust Maliki was summoned to Tehran, where he was asked to give to the President Minister for another two months to work on solving the problems of his coalition, and the spiritual leader of Sadr in Iran issued a religious edict that would rule out the existence side by side with the Sunnis and the Kurds, “he said, adding that he” expects that the back-Sadr in the end to his barn Shiite, for fear of losing support among his constituents. “The paper quotes also for Abu Ali, four senior military commander in the Mahdi Army that “Sadr asked the senior officials before heading to Tehran, the signing of the loyalty to him tag dipped in blood.” The paper says, quoting Joost Hiltermann, an analyst at the group international crises, that “the political crisis in Iraq continues, and it is sensitive and very tense, and anything that could push the situation the wrong direction,” adding that “Iraq lacks an effective government based on the oil wealth, which amounts to tens of billions of dollars a year.” and predicted Hiltermann that “Iraq as long as his command to manage the oil flowing, and this is not a good situation for him, but the continuation of what is going on.” see: Fadi Zeidan

Source: aknews