Washington acknowledges committing a “devastating mistakes” in Iraq.

Washington acknowledges committing a “devastating mistakes” in Iraq.

16:13 05/11/2013

Washington acknowledges committing a Follow-up – and babysit – admitted to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. administration mistakes committed in the war on Iraq in 2003, it deal Bhdhirb with the Syrian file.
Biden said in an interview published in the magazine “Rolling Stone” bi-monthly that President Barack Obama’s team to work on the reform of the United States’ image in the world.

“I do not want to sabotage everything as the previous administration did in Iraq with her for speech weapons of mass destruction.”

She said the International Independent Investigation Commission on human rights violations in Syria earlier that it failed to reach conclusive results demonstrate the use of any of the parties to the conflict in Syria chemical weapons, after she Committee member Carla del Ponte for “strong suspicion” using the fighters of the Syrian opposition to sarin gas .

Biden said “We know that he found traces of what is probably the chemical weapons,” adding, “What we do not know yet, and make every effort to investigate it, is whether launched an offer in exchange of gunfire or rocket fire, or was detonated or something like that. ”

He stressed that it is not clear at the moment is the entity that possesses these weapons were used in any timing.

“I do not know for sure whether they are used by the factions of the opposition, including extremists who have declared their affiliation to the rule.”

“It’s likely to be a system that is used, but we do not know that for sure.”

He noted that while is verified use of chemical weapons, Obama probably will be issued “in response proportionate to take meaningful action” without giving any explanation.

But he said, “We also believe that Emma was what ستؤول him this question, there will be political instability in Syria for some time,” calling for the formation of the government, “a non-sectarian involving all parties,” and the establishment of institutions that work well after the departure of President Bashar al-Assad or overthrow.

“The lesson learned from Iraq and the previous administration .. is that it is assuming management of the affairs of Iraq destroyed all institutions. Were not there one body remaining. There was not even the Ministry of Public Works.”

“We know that we are able to address this matter that we were willing to spend a thousand billion dollars, and the deployment of 160 thousand troops and suffered six thousand people, but we can not,” referring to the human and financial toll of the war in Iraq from the American side.

This is the clearest statements issued by senior American official in the current administration between the invasion of Iraq a decade ago and the current frequency Washington in the Syrian crisis, where a conflict going on for over two years to the fall of more than 70 people dead.

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