Warnings of suspicious movements of Washington’s ambassador in Baghdad

Warnings of suspicious movements of Washington’s ambassador in Baghdad


Warnings of suspicious movements of Washingtons ambassador in BaghdadInformation / Baghdad..
Warnings continued about the movements of the US ambassador in Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, and her goals of increasing meetings with officials in the state, including politicians and security, confirming the existence of plans by Washington that its ambassador to Baghdad seeks to translate on the ground, amid criticism of the continuation of these moves, which some parties considered as distant and contrary to international norms Especially since the matter has gone beyond meetings at the political level, but rather reached the level of clans and security officials in the country.

The official spokesman for the Victory Coalition, Salam Al-Zubaidi, said in an interview with Al-Maalouma agency, “Al-Hawl camp poses a great danger to Iraq because the remnants of ISIS are still trying to tamper with the security and stability of many provinces, at a time when the American ambassador is working to exert pressure on this file on behalf of By conducting the meeting with the military leaders, it is expected that pressure will be exerted on the Iraqi government from Washington in order to insinuate some terrorist families with these groups.

On the other hand, a member of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Aed Al-Hilali, confirmed in an interview with Al-Maalouma agency, “The movements that the Washington ambassador to Iraq is making are not born today or yesterday, but rather suspicious and strange movements, as the ambassador has been making moves inside homes for quite some time.” Iraqi and visit various parties and establish relations with all social and cultural segments and even clans and hold meetings, non-diplomatic and far from international norms.

On the other hand, political analyst Qassem Al-Tamimi warned, during his interview with Al-Maalouma, that “the meetings of US Ambassador Elena Romanowski with political and security leaders confirm that Washington plans to put pressure on the political process, especially since this personality specializes in changing regimes away from the use of apparent force, as the administration plans The US is changing the compass to serve its interests, despite pretending to be satisfied with the Sudanese government, but it stands against the rest of the political parties that it considers politically linked to the resistance.