Waeli audit reveals $ 61 billion of Iraqi money lost in the era of U.S. occupation

Wednesday 2 May 2012

MP for the State of Law coalition Engineer Shirwan Waeli new details about the Iraqi money lost in the era of the civil governor American Paul Bremer, stating Waeli that the amounts that are checking in destiny $ 61 billion and 60 personal U.S. is being investigated on the subject. He Waeli, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee in a statement received news agency public opinion a copy of it within the fact-finding committee to audit the fund for development can (DFI) lost met the Inspector-General George Stuart Bowen at the headquarters of Dr. Ahmad Chalabi to discuss the fate of the money lost.

He added that the inspector general came to check in the money fund Altmanip (DFI) that has been spent in the time of the Coalition Provisional Authority (under the supervision of Paul Bremer, the civil governor at the time) and that young man a lot of uncertainty, waste, and is supposed to be 21 billion have been withdrawn from the Fund.

He Waeli’s inspector general has shown that there is $ 8.8 billion has been spent without vouchers or documents showing the area of ​​disbursement although it is denoted by Kmbalg disbursed at the time of Bremer and there are 7 billion dollars spent documents contain problematic violations concerning matches and other amounts of up to 25 billion into the Development Fund and spent on projects of security and other military equipment.

He Waeli that the total amount subject audit of $ 61 billion, and that the Inspector General shall submit two reports: the first in the month of Tamozmn this year and the second in January of next year, 2013, where the transfer of Waeli for the Inspector General as saying that there are 60 personal U.S. are investigated on this money and the second report will include their names either Iraqi names will be submitted to the Iraqi government.

He concluded his statement saying that Waili the former Iraqi government has refused to receive the U.S. projects to be completed and incomplete vision of the U.S. measures, but the government was forced to receive these projects a reality anyway.