Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives are still engaged in their work, despite their positions Cancel

Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives are still engaged in their work, despite their positions Cancel

Published on: Today, 21:22

Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives are still engaged in their work despite their positions CancelFars news / Sky Press:
Despite the decision, which came to abolish the posts of Vice President and the Vice-Prime Minister and the reforms that have included it .. but it is not implemented this decision after, those who have been dismissed still hold office and exercise their free hand and are paid their full salaries except Bahaa al-Araji, who resigned based on the pressure of the cleric Alih..vhl these reforms came a lie? Or is it a decision the citizen and the patient does not have any health? ..

Maliki, who seemed annoyed, said that with the reforms if the pour the interests of Iraq, staggered that these reforms are useless, as it Iyad Allawi refused saying, “I do not care about the position and flouted it, either Saleh al-Mutlaq has been considered that it is unconstitutional, and Najafi is the other , while Kurdish political reservation Rose Nuri al-Shawish speechless.
In an interview with the MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Saadoun’s Chihod / Sky Press: says that “government reforms” just prosthesis solutions “, pointing out that the country needs radical solutions and the formation of a government of technocrats.
Chihod said that “the reforms announced by the government recently is just prosthesis solutions do not touch the ground or meet the demands of the demonstrators,” pointing out that “the country needs deep reforms to uproot the revolution continued problems and not incidental findings.”

“The formation of a government of technocrats far from quotas partisan or sectarian one of these effective solutions that would lift the country’s bitter reality to the broad prospect displaces negative accumulations over the past years.”

He says political spokesman Ali al-Badran’s / Sky Press: Prime Minister resolutions issued by the Council of Ministers and the House vote is to isolate the Vice President and the Prime Minister, but this is according to the data that exist today have not been implemented if the authenticity of expression, looked at more than an earlier statement limit today, with amazement that the Vice President Nuri al-Maliki will meet some Alchksat tribal and news posted on that Mr. Nour al-Maliki “On behalf of the First Deputy President of the Republic”, and the beginning of the reforms that he wanted citizens to touch on the ground are exempt vice president and deputy prime ministers, but it did not materialize “.

He adds Badran that “not only for their salaries personally, but most of them that are related to these figures from the protections of the funds and other hospitality and similar articles Malk, it means more than the billions of dinars have been allocated to deputies State Iraqi P I guess that 25 billion have been allocated to Iyad Allawi, Vice President of the Republic of reconciliation and national affairs.” .

He said that “al-Maliki and other characters, they are dealing in their work Kzaam blocks Maliki leader block Allawi, leader of mass and Saleh al-Mutlaq and the others .. and therefore today talk about reforms is unrealistic, to teach citizens that these reforms air conditioned in the kink, referring to the fact is was the implementation of these reforms only the names of the ministers who handed over their ministries and Majrae in reforms, “and explained that” what is happening in the reforms Haidaralebadi is only the administrative and financial corruption, today Abadi lin some ministries as the Ministry of Human Rights, I spoke with some of the managers said that the ministry without a minister There was no new law, and they remained in the ministry without work, while previously they had a lot of work, including the subject of the bodies of victims of Spyker, and thus today Asagttaat confidence reforms Lakedr Abadi and Almtdahiran they began to withdraw confidence from him, and he did not achieve Shi, Mbna that religious authority began withdraw confidence from al-Abadi and that these reforms have not only not air conditioned. ”

“The citizens of today and especially have a follow up of the political process of the hearing that the ministries have been resolved today was lifted name of the minister and staff remained convincing unemployment is a reality today blames himself, and that made a huge mistake Abadi and his reforms, but in the air clasped
The MP Ibtisam Hilali says in newly them to / Sky Press: “The isolation of the Vice Prime Minister of this legal action because this is the prerogative of the prime minister, as stated in the Constitution,” noting that “among the reforms that came in Article 67 of the Constitution is sacking or isolate one or more Deputy Prime Minister by the type of offense, that article says one deputy there ought to be consultation with the Minister for the survival of one deputy. ”

She said Hilali “They are engaged in their work so this time as to the deputy prime ministers of their work ended have been taken all the measures in the withdrawal of salaries and protections, adding that” The prime minister has Tovid of people and reference the House of Representatives, he must take the legal and decisive action is not affected parties, other blocs but and take these reforms as soon as possible, “indicating that” limbering ministries in the back tremendous amounts possible to compensate for budgetary deficits. ”

Citizens are still suffering from budget deficits and austerity .. and Vice-President and Minister engaged in their work despite the decision lin office still list their salaries and Hamayatem exist and citizen waiting … !!