US website: Freedom of the press in the United States is a lie

US website: Freedom of the press in the United States is a lie


US website - Freedom of the press in the United States is a lieInformation/translation.
A report by the American Consortium News confirmed that there is deadly hypocrisy behind the so-called freedom of the press in the United States. The US government only supports the media that it benefits politically or that can be exploited to promote imperialist propaganda.

The report, translated by the information agency, stated, “The allegations of US State Department spokesman Ned Price that “journalists should never be punished for doing their job” reveal this hypocrisy, when the United States itself insists on extraditing journalist Julian Assange with the aim of imprisoning him for up to 175 years. For exposing the crimes of the American invasion of Iraq.

He added, “The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture has indicated that Assange has been subjected to psychological torture by the allied governments that conspired to imprison him, however, he is being dragged towards the notorious prison systems within the United States where he will face a fraudulent trial and will not be allowed to defend the publication in favor.” general”.

And the report stated that “what governs the world of journalism in the West and the United States are the whims of tyranny and hypocrites who do not care about truth and freedom. They only care about power and what they can use in it to obtain it,” explaining that “the only journalism they support is with those whose persecution can be used politically, and those who could be exploited for propaganda like the infamous Associated Press editor who recently said she “cannot imagine” a US intelligence official doing wrong.

The report stressed that “pointing out hypocrisy is important not because hypocrisy is terrible in and of itself, but rather because it draws attention to the fact that the hypocrite does not really stand where he claims to stand and because the West cares about press freedoms only when they can use them to raise concern.” Foreign governments they don’t like to advance their global agendas of hegemony.”